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Quicklink is a JavaScript library that can be easily integrated into websites to prefetch links based on the user's viewport. This means that Quicklink will automatically download the linked pages in the background while the user is still browsing the current page. By doing this, Quicklink can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for users to navigate to the next link, improving the overall user experience.

Quicklink works by detecting which links are within the user's viewport and then fetching those links in the background using a technique called "just-in-time preloading". This technique helps ensure that the page load times are not affected by prefetching unnecessary links.

Quicklink can be added to a website with just a few lines of code and is compatible with most modern web browsers. It is lightweight and easy to use, making it an ideal solution for any website looking to improve their user experience by reducing page load times.

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23,844 companies are currently using Quicklink



beating guesswork in agri..

45 Employees$3K - $27K$53K switzerland72%Export

we bring logistics online..

12 Employees$26K - $26K$60K germany47%Export

the definitive risk decis..

27 Employees$32K - $30K$84K united states ..45%Export

national nonprofit partne..

117 Employees$30K - $47K$66K united states ..39%Export

oneshot is the autonomous..

21 Employees$32K - $45K$83K united kingdom..51%Export

the ai code assistant tha..

3 Employees$25K - $7K$90K italy21%Export

improving video, audio, a..

44 Employees$49K - $36K$92K spain93%Export
Relay Delivery

improving the backend log..

53 Employees$39K - $24K$57K united states ..20%Export
American Battery Technolo..

lithium-ion battery recyc..

72 Employees$26K - $8K$78K united states ..65%Export

the open digital experien..

1,195 Employees$31K - $47K$75K united states ..100%Export
Elevated Third

we are a digital agency t..

57 Employees$5K - $7K$75K united states ..81%Export
Urban Insight

we champion your mission-..

33 Employees$24K - $22K$81K united states ..50%Export
Unicorn Workspaces

team offices throughout g..

39 Employees$44K - $34K$61K germany90%Export
Northwire, Inc.

technical cables designed..

111 Employees$28K - $43K$89K united states ..71%Export
CareQuest Institute for O..

improving the oral health..

90 Employees$37K - $16K$71K united states ..32%Export

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Using Quicklink for finding leads

The collection of companies listed on this page showcases organizations that actively utilize Quicklink, a beneficial JS library designed to optimize website performance. This encapsulates a broad spectrum of businesses across diverse industries, forming a ready base of data for targeted lead prospecting.

This list offers a multitude of benefits to sales teams. First and foremost, it offers insight into which organizations value high-performance web solutions, highlighting their commitment to an optimized user-experience strategy. Companies employing Quicklink likely recognize the importance of speed and efficiency in their web experiences, indicating they might be open to other solutions that further enhance their web performance or technological capabilities.

Sales teams can leverage this database to identify businesses that prioritize web optimization, providing a potential pool of leads that may be interested in their products or services. Moreover, the list can be used to refine prospecting strategy, as it reveals a business's willingness to adopt advanced web technologies, depicting a potential propensity for the acquisition of cutting-edge solutions.

Additionally, the list can fuel comparative analysis. Sales teams can investigate how their offering stacks up against Quicklink. If their product or service can deliver a superior or complementary output, then they have a strong case to approach these Quicklink-utilizing businesses.

In conclusion, this curated collection of companies utilizing Quicklink provides a direct road map to businesses that value high-performing web technologies. It serves as a powerful resource for sales teams keen on targeting their outreach efforts more effectively, enhancing their lead generation process. This database can potentially save a considerable amount of time and resources while amplifying the efficiency and success rate of sales efforts.

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