Companies using AOS

AOS, or Android Operating System, is an open-source software platform developed by Google primarily for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The Android Operating System is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and is designed to allow developers to create applications that can run on any compatible device.

The Android Operating System is known for its flexibility and versatility, allowing users to customize their devices to suit their preferences. The user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with a range of features such as home screen widgets, app shortcuts, and notifications.

One of the key benefits of the Android Operating System is the wide variety of apps that are available through the Google Play Store. These apps cover a vast range of categories, including social media, productivity, entertainment, and education.

Another benefit of the Android Operating System is the ease with which developers can create and distribute their own apps. This has led to a thriving ecosystem of independent developers, who have created some of the most popular apps on the platform.

Overall, the Android Operating System has become one of the most widely used operating systems in the world, with millions of devices running the software. Its open-source nature and flexibility have made it an attractive option for both developers and users alike, ensuring that it will continue to be a major player in the mobile market for years to come.

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394,784 companies are currently using AOS



ai-powered contact center..

78 Employees$21K - $2K$84K united states ..30%Export

our ai-powered risk intel..

76 Employees$38K - $48K$84K united states ..49%Export

digital inspectors

33 Employees$13K - $19K$64K netherlands58%Export
OrganoClick AB

with innovative green che..

32 Employees$15K - $12K$86K sweden47%Export

the insurtech leader for ..

52 Employees$14K - $44K$62K united states ..39%Export

sequoia is a premier prov..

94 Employees$7K - $47K$53K united states ..9%Export

powering sme lenders to m..

25 Employees$50K - $33K$73K united kingdom..100%Export

we enable retail decision..

38 Employees$34K - $8K$70K united kingdom..14%Export

a b2b saas tech company h..

66 Employees$15K - $35K$81K germany55%Export
Bruin Biometrics, LLC

prevention made real.

23 Employees$9K - $29K$72K united states ..45%Export

bringing transparency and..

33 Employees$46K - $24K$84K united states ..39%Export

your next product just go..

43 Employees$30K - $15K$69K united kingdom..37%Export

elevate your game! market..

25 Employees$31K - $31K$74K united states ..36%Export

block attacks in real tim..

53 Employees$14K - $43K$96K united states ..30%Export

#1 performance management..

20 Employees$29K - $19K$74K germany64%Export

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Using AOS for finding leads

The list of companies that utilize the AOS (Animate On Scroll) JavaScript library presents a unique opportunity for sales teams to target businesses that care about creating engaging, visually appealing websites. These organizations value the user experience and understand the need for proactive feature updates, given their use of a cutting-edge tool like AOS.

Sales teams involved in web technologies, digital marketing services, or UX/UI design can consider this list a valuable prospecting tool. As the companies listed are already using an advanced JavaScript library for enhancing the animation on their websites, they might be open to other services or products that could further improve their web presence, user interaction, or visual representation of their brand online.

The list is also useful for those in the SaaS industry or offering tools related to web development or design. The companies making use of AOS are likely to be receptive to solutions that can streamline their development process or enhance their front-end capabilities.

The attractiveness of this list doesn't end with the prospects' predisposed interest in improving their web capabilities. It also allows sales teams to tailor their pitches, emphasizing how their offerings can complement the visual appeal made possible by AOS or simplify its implementation and management.

Leveraging this list, sales teams can identify companies that are tech-savvy, forward-thinking, and place a premium on website design and user experience. This valuable data enables targeted outreach with highly relevant proposals that resonate with the prospects' known priorities. Therefore, it can help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the lead prospecting process.

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