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Swiper is a JavaScript library that enables creation of touch-based sliders with hardware-accelerated transitions. This means that it is capable of providing smoother and faster animations by utilizing the device's GPU. Swiper provides a range of options to customize the slider, including effects, pagination, navigation and scrollbar functionality. It also supports multiple modes such as loop, free mode, autoplay and keyboard control. Swiper can be used to build responsive carousels, galleries, product showcases and other interactive elements. It can be integrated into any web project using its simple API, which allows developers to initialize, configure and control the slider through JavaScript. Swiper is compatible with most modern browsers and mobile devices, making it a reliable choice for building touch-enabled applications that require smooth and intuitive user interfaces.

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2,313,891 companies are currently using Swiper


Hyatus Stays

hyatus stays offers tenan..

37 Employees$43K - $3K$90K united states ..25%Export

property management made ..

28 Employees$18K - $29K$74K france22%Export
Athena Security Inc.

on a mission to help #sav..

74 Employees$21K - $45K$87K united states ..46%Export
The Picklr

premier indoor pickleball..

82 Employees$43K - $3K$83K united states ..66%Export
VeeOne Health

your one virtual care pla..

67 Employees$45K - $36K$52K united states ..92%Export
WHP Global

investing in the future o..

67 Employees$30K - $46K$77K united states ..34%Export
Living Cities

a collaborative of founda..

44 Employees$4K - $38K$81K united states ..43%Export

we’re molo, and we make b..

48 Employees$7K - $1K$69K united kingdom..32%Export
Sheep Inc.

a naturally carbon negati..

23 Employees$6K - $21K$73K united kingdom..51%Export
Infiuss Health

accelerating clinical res..

9 Employees$49K - $46K$94K united states ..12%Export
ProSomnus® Sleep Technolo..

the leading non-cpap osa ..

86 Employees$16K - $19K$81K united states ..26%Export
Marketing Signals

we are marketing signals...

36 Employees$6K - $23K$75K united kingdom..70%Export

join 2 million members fi..

54 Employees$16K - $13K$100K united states ..2%Export
Upfront Healthcare

guiding every patient to ..

119 Employees$7K - $17K$75K united states ..21%Export

transforming the business..

37 Employees$41K - $50K$57K united states ..20%Export

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Using Swiper for finding leads

The list of companies making use of the Swiper JavaScript library is a rich resource that provides a significant edge to sales teams. This comprehensive database, continually updated with companies using this modern touch slider technology, can unlock valuable opportunities and streamline lead prospecting strategy.

Firstly, it provides an insight into companies that value modern web technologies, signalling their possible need for services or products to support their digital strategy. These firms could be potential customers who have a need for enhancements, alternatives, or supplementary features to Swiper's offerings.

The list can be utilized as a starting point for tailored sales approaches. Analysis of these companies gives sales teams insights on industry trends, allowing them to identify common business characteristics and needs, which can be used in their sales strategy to refine their messaging and make more compelling proposals.

Moreover, by keeping track of these companies, sales teams can stay informed of potential shifts in technology needs, expand their market understanding, and target companies that may have new needs arising from their commitment to staying current with web technologies.

Finally, understanding patterns among these companies can also help identify gaps in the market or within Swiper's feature set, serving as inspiration to innovate or expand offerings.

In conclusion, a carefully curated list of companies using Swiper equips a sales team with invaluable data, providing context for a more strategic, informed, and efficient prospecting. It's an indispensable tool for staying competitive in the modern web technology landscape.

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