Companies using Modernizr

Modernizr is a JavaScript library that helps detecting the features available in a user's browser. It provides a set of tests to determine if a browser supports particular features or not, and then adds classes to the HTML element based on the results of those tests. These classes can be used to write CSS styles that are specific to certain features, which allows developers to create more flexible and graceful fallbacks for unsupported features.

For example, if a browser does not support CSS flexbox, Modernizr will add a "no-flexbox" class to the HTML element, which can be used to apply alternative styles using CSS. This makes it easy to build websites that work across different browsers, while still taking advantage of the latest features when they're available.

Modernizr also allows developers to create custom tests for features that are not included in the library by default, making it a powerful tool for feature detection and graceful degradation.

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2,433,574 companies are currently using Modernizr


Summit Casing Equipment

15 Employees$19K - $47K$64K united states ..40%Export

the conversation company

68 Employees$37K - $48K$72K united states ..32%Export
Conservation X Labs

reinventing conservation ..

45 Employees$40K - $28K$88K united states ..4%Export
Liquid Robotics

persistent seabed-to-spac..

84 Employees$28K - $24K$74K united states ..9%Export

the insurtech leader for ..

52 Employees$21K - $9K$77K united states ..45%Export
Trek10, Inc.

trek10 is an aws premier ..

81 Employees$30K - $21K$64K united states ..79%Export
She Built This City

empowering women of all a..

12 Employees$37K - $17K$94K united states ..78%Export
Clerkenwell Health

leading psychedelic speci..

30 Employees$9K - $23K$62K united kingdom..4%Export
Made of Air

carbon-negative materials..

17 Employees$45K - $16K$78K germany55%Export

software-based employee c..

24 Employees$44K - $13K$78K united states ..57%Export

the one place to plan, cr..

42 Employees$12K - $15K$83K united states ..24%Export
King Operating Corporatio..

experience the upside of ..

43 Employees$7K - $37K$61K united states ..88%Export

reshaping the future of p..

11 Employees$35K - $27K$55K united states ..93%Export
Sourcemap: the Supply Cha..

the leading provider of t..

77 Employees$25K - $40K$64K united states ..37%Export
UbiQD, Inc.

advanced materials compan..

23 Employees$8K - $27K$66K united states ..91%Export

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Using Modernizr for finding leads

The list of companies using Modernizr is a valuable resource for multiple reasons. Firstly, it provides insight into organizations that understand the importance of progressive enhancement and ensuring that their web applications are accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of browser or device capabilities. These companies value cutting-edge web technology and strive to provide the best user experience possible.

For sales teams, this list represents a curated group of potential leads who are likely to be receptive to new web technologies. These organizations have shown interest in advanced JavaScript libraries like Modernizr, indicating they recognize and appreciate technologies that enhance browser compatibility and user experience.

The list can serve as a starting point for targeted outreach. A sales team aiming to promote web technology products or services will know that these businesses are not adverse to adopting new solutions - they are indeed already doing so by using Modernizr. This foresight can help in the design and implementation of effective sales strategies, allowing the team to cater their proposals more specifically to the needs and interests of each company on the list.

Overall, the list of companies using Modernizr can streamline and enhance lead generation. It offers a more efficient way to find organizations that are likely to be interested in the product or service offered by the sales team, saving time and resources in the prospecting process.

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