Companies using FancyBox

FancyBox is a web development tool that enables the display of multimedia content, images, and HTML content in a Mac-style 'lightbox' overlay that appears over the top of a webpage. It adds various features to media elements such as zooming, sliding, and animation effects to make them more interactive and engaging to users. FancyBox is built using JavaScript and jQuery, and it can be used with a variety of web applications, including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Additionally, it offers customization options to developers such as adjusting the speed of transitions, modifying the background color, and changing the size and position of the displayed content. Overall, FancyBox provides an elegant solution for presenting media content on a website, allowing for a better user experience and improved engagement with the audience.

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1,063,047 companies are currently using FancyBox


Living Cities

a collaborative of founda..

44 Employees$33K - $30K$85K united states ..47%Export

crafting stories, buildin..

26 Employees$33K - $15K$66K united states ..78%Export
Orbit Fab

gas stations in space™ - ..

69 Employees$44K - $19K$80K united states ..63%Export

powerful solutions for au..

25 Employees$6K - $46K$69K united states ..16%Export

ai-powered customer engag..

101 Employees$8K - $26K$99K united kingdom..18%Export

virtual reality relaxatio..

24 Employees$9K - $16K$83K netherlands66%Export

your next product just go..

43 Employees$27K - $32K$61K united kingdom..70%Export
The Landline Company

reimagining the travel da..

55 Employees$11K - $44K$69K united states ..57%Export
Magnus Technologies

transforming the transpor..

34 Employees$48K - $22K$74K united states ..13%Export
Interact Analysis

international market inte..

40 Employees$30K - $41K$79K united kingdom..11%Export

the solar industry’s lead..

92 Employees$45K - $12K$90K united kingdom..47%Export

automated data security a..

44 Employees$2K - $5K$83K united states ..14%Export

audicus allows you to liv..

72 Employees$24K - $14K$64K united states ..42%Export

reduce water consumption ..

13 Employees$47K - $46K$63K belgium38%Export

the future of parking

15 Employees$24K - $7K$51K united states ..29%Export

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Using FancyBox for finding leads

This list provides access to a comprehensive set of companies that utilize FancyBox, a popular platform for showcasing images, HTML content, and multimedia via an aesthetically pleasing 'lightbox'. It is a tailor-made resource for sales teams to efficiently track down leads and prospective clients.

A significant advantage of this list is that it provides immediate knowledge of companies' preferences, indicating their interest in creating a visually engaging user experience. Sales teams offering services or products complementing FancyBox could capitalize on this information and pitch their offerings accordingly, assuring a high relevancy level.

Moreover, knowing a company utilizes FancyBox, an innovative and modern tool, implies that said company values quality and modern solutions. Businesses offering similar innovative solutions may find a receptive audience in these companies, shrinking the sales cycle and enhancing the value proposition.

As another practical advantage, this list can also help to narrow down industries that commonly use FancyBox, streamlining targeted marketing strategies. For instance, if the list shows a higher concentration of e-commerce sites adopting FancyBox, marketing strategies can be adjusted to focus specifically on that industry.

Lastly, the list can be utilized as a tool for competitor analysis. For companies selling similar or alternative products to FancyBox, this list could indicate potential areas for growth and help shape strategic planning.

In conclusion, the list of companies using FancyBox is a strategic tool that can provide invaluable insights and help sales teams prospect more efficiently and effectively. By providing deep insights into the market and viewer preferences, it can be an essential asset in any successful sales strategy.

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