Companies using Polyfill


Polyfill is a piece of code that allows web developers to use modern web technologies on older browsers. It checks if a browser supports a certain feature, and if not, it adds the missing functionality so that the feature can be used. Polyfills are often used to add support for new HTML, CSS, and JavaScript features to older browsers, allowing developers to write code using the latest standards without worrying about browser compatibility. The Polyfill service mentioned in the context accepts requests for browser features and returns only the necessary polyfills based on the requesting browser's specific needs. This means that developers can use the service to ensure that their code runs on a variety of browsers without having to manually add specific polyfills for each individual browser.

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1,083,387 companies are currently using Polyfill


Nivi, Inc.

creating healthier future..

26 Employees$43K - $35K$99K united states ..23%Export
Delix Therapeutics

repairing the brain to he..

36 Employees$18K - $15K$59K united states ..3%Export
Craft AI

the #1 mlops platform

36 Employees$45K - $37K$60K france65%Export

superior retail execution..

25 Employees$11K - $50K$88K united kingdom..94%Export
Buzz Solutions

artificial intelligence, ..

29 Employees$39K - $31K$63K united states ..64%Export
Health360 Inc.

building a healthier nati..

24 Employees$5K - $6K$79K united states ..24%Export

skyrocket ecommerce conve..

15 Employees$25K - $46K$59K united kingdom..4%Export

the first-ever saas platf..

34 Employees$7K - $42K$51K united states ..14%Export

kewazo automates on-site ..

40 Employees$45K - $6K$61K germany41%Export
Brookfield Aviation Inter..

aviation jobs - pilot tra..

32 Employees$16K - $5K$53K united kingdom..22%Export
Bota Systems AG

we give machines the sens..

9 Employees$6K - $16K$69K switzerland69%Export

empowering smart dlt cros..

17 Employees$21K - $44K$80K sweden93%Export

antfood— it's how you get..

37 Employees$16K - $15K$74K united states ..68%Export
Deck Commerce

we help brands simplify c..

48 Employees$42K - $8K$63K united states ..13%Export
Cognovi Labs

engage and inspire with t..

21 Employees$20K - $25K$58K united states ..90%Export

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Using Polyfill for finding leads

A curated directory of companies utilizing Polyfill technology provides immense value for sales teams looking to identify potential leads in the dynamic web technology segment. This unique list acts as a prime resource, bridging gaps between solution providers and businesses in need of web compatibility upgrades via Polyfill.

Firstly, going through these companies gives sales teams an understanding of who is seeking to make their web services compatible with a wide array of browsers. This makes it easier to pinpoint businesses requiring expertise or products related to Polyfill or broader web tech solutions.

Additionally, the list can serve as a market research tool. Sales teams can analyze the types of firms adopting Polyfill, helping them identify trending industries, company sizes, or specific regions where the technology is gaining traction. This helps in tailoring prospecting efforts to target hot-spots in the market.

Furthermore, the list can sit in the center of an outbound lead generation strategy. It allows marking companies who are already utilizing Polyfill, offering an opportunity to upgrade or expand their services. Conversely, sales teams can find potential clients not yet on this list who might reap benefits from Polyfill implementation.

Lastly, the list supports competitor analysis. By observing which companies are benefiting from Polyfill, sales teams can also pinpoint competitors providing solutions in this realm, understanding their customer bases and fine-tuning their sales approach accordingly.

In conclusion, the directory of companies using Polyfill is a valuable strategic tool, paving a clear path towards more effective lead prospecting. It creates a fertile ground for sales teams to discover, analyze, and approach potential leads in the robust landscape of web technologies.

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