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Piman is an open-source accessibility UI framework created by Blueplanet Inc. It is designed to help developers build accessible web applications easily. Piman provides a set of pre-built components that are fully accessible, which can be customized based on the user's specific needs. The framework includes features like keyboard navigation, screen reader compatibility, and color contrast controls, making it easy for developers to ensure that their application meets WCAG or Section 508 compliance standards. Additionally, Piman integrates with popular JavaScript frameworks like React and Vue.js, making it easy for developers to get started with minimal setup. Overall, Piman is a tool that helps developers create accessible web applications quickly, without sacrificing functionality or design.

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6 companies are currently using Piman


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87 Employees$6K - $10K$85K germany96%Export
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139 Employees$13K - $45K$60K germany99%Export
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29 Employees$11K - $5K$63K germany8%Export

2 Employees$14K - $48K$52K germany78%
Die Bundeskanzlerin

- Employees$15K - $38K$82K germany22%

- Employees$2K - $21K$57K -76%

Using Piman for finding leads

This list of companies using Piman offers extensive value by providing a consolidated roster of potential leads for sales teams. It's an invaluable resource for any business interested in building better relationships within the technology industry, particularly those who specialize in open-source accessibility UI frameworks.

This curated list offers information on companies in various sectors, sizes, and geographic locations, all of whom have publicly evidenced their use of Piman. It provides a convergent point for accessibility-focused technology sellers, offering them an efficient and systematic approach for lead generation.

Furthermore, teams can leverage this list to thoroughly understand their target market. It supplies sales teams with the means to identify and evaluate prospective clients that already value and use Piman - an open-source accessibility UI framework. From this, sales teams can map trends, analyze usage and find organizations that might need their product or services.

Sales teams can tailor their pitches and demonstrations to reflect an understanding of the commitment these companies have made to Piman. This can aid in establishing roles as thought leaders and trusted advisors, rather than just another vendor.

Additionally, the accessibility focus of Piman can facilitate conversations around corporate social responsibility, inclusivity, and diversity. By doing so, sales teams can foster meaningful, value-driven conversations with potential leads, enhancing the overall sales process.

In summary, this Piman user list serves as a robust, streamlined tool for technology sellers, enabling strategic lead prospecting, informed market analysis, and more impactful sales conversations.

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