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EqualWeb is a web accessibility tool that provides an overlay to websites to make them more accessible for people with disabilities. The overlay includes features such as adjustable font sizes, contrast changes, and keyboard navigability options. This helps people with various disabilities such as visual impairments, motor skill limitations, and cognitive disorders access digital information quickly and easily. EqualWeb aims to make digital information accessible to everyone, regardless of their disability or impairment, ensuring that websites comply with web accessibility standards. By implementing EqualWeb's overlay, website owners can improve the usability and user experience of their websites for all users.

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5,865 companies are currently using EqualWeb



the industry's first digi..

54 Employees$9K - $39K$64K united states ..14%Export

exceptional home furnishi..

40 Employees$34K - $2K$52K united states ..99%Export

intentionally designed. e..

54 Employees$24K - $38K$75K united states ..52%Export

special education learnin..

97 Employees$11K - $22K$58K united states ..66%Export
ISlide, Inc.

stand in what you stand f..

32 Employees$5K - $44K$95K united states ..22%Export
BigMouth Inc.

'cuz it's funny!

18 Employees$7K - $28K$72K united states ..84%Export

automate and scale your h..

30 Employees$10K - $49K$85K united states ..95%Export

cvs don't work. identify ..

38 Employees$19K - $41K$87K united kingdom..
SameSky Health

we create cultural connec..

73 Employees$19K - $20K$86K united states ..62%Export
Mint House

apartment-style hospitali..

151 Employees$9K - $38K$63K united states ..51%Export
Art of Tea

our mission is to create ..

33 Employees$44K - $34K$76K united states ..53%Export
Pod Talent

we provide international ..

32 Employees$7K - $17K$57K united kingdom..10%Export
AleSmith Brewing Company

brewing award-winning ale..

34 Employees$23K - $47K$70K united states ..18%Export
L Marks

the most trusted partner ..

45 Employees$1K - $37K$53K united kingdom..66%Export

ideas protected.

43 Employees$22K - $34K$59K united states ..87%Export

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Using EqualWeb for finding leads

The list of companies using EqualWeb offers substantial value for sales teams looking for leads. This directory, filled with companies that are focused on creating accessible and inclusive digital environments, can serve as a starting point for identifying potential prospects.

The adoption of EqualWeb underscores a company's commitment to digital inclusivity, a topic of growing importance in both legal and social spheres. This shared interest in creating accessible online experiences can open opportunities for service providers with complementary offerings. For instance, companies offering digital design, marketing, software solutions, legal services around ADA compliance, or other accessibility-related services would find strong prospecting opportunities within this list.

The main advantage of this pool of potential leads is that it's filled with companies already aware of the need for accessibility in the digital landscape. They've recognized the value of providing an inclusive environment to their users and, as EqualWeb users, they are likely to be more open to other services or products that align with this ethos.

Moreover, prospecting from a list of EqualWeb users allows sales teams to focus their attention on companies that are continuously looking to improve their user experience and genuinely care about their users' needs. This signifies a maturity and thoughtfulness that can make conversations and negotiations more effective.

In summary, this curated list of EqualWeb users can be a rich resource for sales teams seeking to bolster their pipeline with leads that are already attuned to the needs of their users and the requirements of an increasingly inclusive digital world.

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