Companies using AccessiBe

AccessiBe is an accessibility overlay software designed to help website owners make their sites more accessible for people with disabilities. The system works by scanning the website and analyzing its content, then applying adjustments that are meant to make it comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

The adjustments include adding features such as keyboard navigation, text-to-speech, and contrast adjustments to make the site easier to use for people with visual, hearing, or motor impairments. AccessiBe also provides customizable options for users to adjust settings according to their specific needs.

The software claims to be able to make websites ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliant within 48 hours of installation, and offers ongoing updates to ensure continued compliance. It is also said to be compatible with all types of websites, including WordPress and Shopify.

While many have praised AccessiBe for its ease of use and effectiveness in improving website accessibility, others have raised concerns about its reliability and whether it truly meets all ADA and WCAG requirements. Some disabled users have reported issues with certain aspects of the software, such as inadequate alt-text descriptions for images or difficulty navigating with a screen reader.

In summary, AccessiBe is an accessibility overlay software that aims to improve website accessibility for people with disabilities by automatically making ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliant adjustments. While it is generally well-regarded, some concerns have been raised about its effectiveness and impact on user experience.

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51,876 companies are currently using AccessiBe



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Using AccessiBe for finding leads

The list of companies using AccessiBe presents a unique opportunity for sales teams to identify leads and grow their businesses. This curated directory contains firms committed to web accessibility standards such as ADA and WCAG compliance, and thus, showcases businesses that value digital inclusion and equal web experiences for every user.

A multitude of organizations across different sectors and industries are adopting AccessiBe to ensure their websites adhere to accessibility standards. This directory reflects these organizations' dedication to inclusivity and their need for ongoing service and potential upgrades to maintain their commitment. Sales teams can harness this information by identifying companies with similar vision and values, creating a targeted approach with relevant solutions.

Furthermore, this list can provide essential insights into the tech ecosystem. Sales teams can identify industry trends and apply this knowledge to refine their prospecting methods. They can observe which sectors are more invested in digital accessibility to strategically prospect those industries.

Lastly, by harnessing the valuable information that this directory provides, sales teams can also increase their efficiency. Given that the leads are already using AccessiBe, they have demonstrated the need for, and value in, digital accessibility. This can shorten sales cycles by eliminating the need to justify the fundamental importance of WCAG compliance, letting the focus remain on the unique value proposition of the sales team's offerings within the accessibility area.

In summary, the list of AccessiBe users serves as a carved-out market segment for sales teams, offering valuable insights into progressive organizations committed to web accessibility. It can help streamline lead prospecting, align sales strategies with industry trends, and improve overall sales effectiveness.

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