Companies using Accessibly

Accessibly is an application that helps to meet some of the requirements of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 through an overlay solution. The app improves website accessibility by providing assistive tools and features such as text-to-speech, high-contrast mode, and keyboard navigation. It helps individuals with disabilities access websites more easily by making it easier to use and navigate. Accessibly overlays can be customized based on individual user preferences and can help website owners make their website accessible to individuals with disabilities. However, it is important to note that while accessibly can improve website accessibility, it may not address all WCAG 2.1 guidelines or provide a complete solution for web accessibility. It is still important for web developers and designers to follow best practices and guidelines to ensure their websites are fully accessible for everyone.

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348 companies are currently using Accessibly


Partake Foods

our mission at partake is..

35 Employees$10K - $24K$82K united states ..22%Export
Vejo, Inc.

pronounced vay-oh! the fu..

7 Employees$35K - $7K$89K united states ..15%Export
The Safety Sleeper by Abr..

maker of the safety sleep..

15 Employees$45K - $36K$52K united states ..50%Export

giggle offers children’s ..

86 Employees$9K - $22K$95K united states ..8%Export
Barnana, PBC

to provide innovative, he..

36 Employees$43K - $11K$89K united states ..94%Export
Yards Brewing Co.

philly's brewery since 19..

61 Employees$25K - $4K$73K united states ..80%Export
Picky Bars, Inc.

real food, built to fuel

11 Employees$10K - $24K$68K united states ..75%Export

leather accessories and u..

22 Employees$46K - $12K$59K united states ..63%Export
Ghitterman Ghitterman & F..

relentlessly protecting c..

23 Employees$23K - $37K$69K united states ..39%Export
Lil' Libros

the #1 family-trusted bil..

11 Employees$45K - $29K$74K united states ..95%Export

ancient wisdom for modern..

6 Employees$48K - $20K$97K united states ..57%Export
Primitive Apparel

53 Employees$12K - $37K$90K united states ..45%Export
Supersonic INC.

live. life. easy.

26 Employees$1K - $22K$69K united states ..58%Export
Skin Laundry

we made laser facials a t..

341 Employees$43K - $5K$69K united states ..16%Export
Alfa Vitamins Laboratorie..

provider of natural suppl..

37 Employees$15K - $17K$82K united states ..31%Export

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Using Accessibly for finding leads

The list of companies leveraging Accessibly provides significant value for sales teams seeking potential leads. As Accessibly is an application designed to assist with fulfilling the stringent requirements of WCAG 2.1 through an overlay solution, the companies using this technology value web accessibility and inclusivity. This exhibits a high level of corporate responsibility and a keen understanding of the importance of catering to users with various disabilities.

Sales teams scouting for leads in the technology or digital accessibility fields could find immense value in this list. It represents companies that value user experience and understand the role of digital accessibility in improving customer engagement. Knowing that such businesses prioritize web accessibility allows sales teams to tailor their pitch around similar solutions that could further enhance website accessibility.

Moreover, for vendors offering solutions or services that complement or improve upon Accessibly's offerings, the list of companies is instrumental. It can provide a ready pool of potential customers, already aware and responsive to the importance of digital accessibility, thereby reducing the time and resources required in educating leads on these key facets.

Equipped with the knowledge that these companies utilize Accessibly, sales professionals can prepare strategies to approach these potential leads. The list leads to discovery of appropriate targets, efficient use of time, potential for increased profitability, and paving the way for successful lead prospecting.

With the continual emphasis on creating inclusive digital experiences, the demand for technologies, like Accessibly, that aid businesses in fulfilling these requirements will continue to rise. The list of companies using Accessibly is, therefore, a valuable asset for sales teams seeking leads in the realms of web accessibility, user-experience, and digital inclusivity.

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