Companies using uRemediate


uRemediate is a technology that provides web accessibility testing tools and accessibility overlays to help website owners ensure their websites are accessible to people with disabilities.

The uRemediate platform offers a suite of web accessibility tools that enable users to test their websites for compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). These tools include automated scans, manual tests, and reporting features that provide detailed information on any accessibility issues found on a website.

Additionally, uRemediate's accessibility overlay technology makes it easy for website owners to enhance the accessibility of their sites for users with disabilities. The overlay adds accessibility features to a website without requiring developers to make changes to the site's code. This includes features such as text-to-speech, adjustable font sizes, and keyboard navigation.

The goal of uRemediate is to make web accessibility more accessible for website owners and developers. By providing testing tools and overlays, uRemediate helps website owners identify and address accessibility issues on their sites - which in turn improves the overall user experience for all visitors, including those with disabilities.

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198 companies are currently using uRemediate


Los Angeles Police Federa..

law enforcement’s premier..

137 Employees$23K - $18K$90K united states ..46%Export
Marine Toys for Tots Foun..

bringing joy and expandin..

92 Employees$49K - $28K$65K united states ..81%Export
Blink Health

340 Employees$48K - $37K$89K united states ..54%Export
Molina Healthcare

15,661 Employees$41K - $32K$97K united states ..81%Export
Hoosier Hills Credit Unio..

hhcu is a not-for-profit ..

124 Employees$14K - $9K$67K united states ..58%Export
Giuseppe Zanotti

disruptive and pioneerist..

301 Employees$26K - $34K$91K italy99%Export
Nobu Hotel London Portman..

nobu hotel in the heart o..

158 Employees$31K - $20K$91K united kingdom..44%Export
Sabra Dipping Company

a career you can feel goo..

478 Employees$15K - $23K$62K united states ..37%Export
Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards

great wines, great times!..

33 Employees$6K - $22K$67K united states ..77%Export
Parts Express

making the world sound be..

121 Employees$12K - $2K$75K united states ..27%Export
National School Boards As..

the leading advocate for ..

118 Employees$50K - $30K$54K united states ..94%Export
NW Preferred Federal Cred..

a credit union for insura..

42 Employees$5K - $4K$88K united states ..22%Export
Tone House ®

tone house® is the premie..

26 Employees$40K - $24K$57K united states ..93%Export
Nobu Hotel Barcelona

experience the local vibe..

126 Employees$47K - $13K$55K spain62%Export

known for statement-makin..

705 Employees$38K - $43K$76K united states ..40%Export

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Using uRemediate for finding leads

The comprehensive list of companies using uRemediate plays an essential role for sales teams in strategizing their lead prospecting. By being privy to businesses taking advantage of uRemediate's web accessibility testing tools and accessibility overlays, sales teams can gain insights into the diverse sectors interested in enhancing web accessibility – a growing concern in digital landscapes.

This list can be seen as a window into potential customers who prioritize accessibility and customer experience on their digital platforms. As web accessibility becomes a legal requirement and a socially responsible choice, more businesses will likely be investing in tools like uRemediate, expanding the potential leads pool for sales teams.

Understanding the industry sectors represented in the list, the company size and geography can inform sales teams about trends in uRemediate usage and potential opportunities for cross or upselling. For example, if a specific industry is prominently represented, teams may consider tailoring their sales strategies, messaging or products for that sector.

Moreover, the list can provide information about the corporate values and business priorities of these companies. Those who invest in accessibility tools such as uRemediate show a commitment to inclusivity, a user-centered approach, and legal compliance - vital attributes for modern businesses. Recognizing these traits can assist sales teams in identifying promising leads and crafting value propositions that resonate with these businesses' goals and needs.

Finally, the list can serve as a source of competitive intelligence. Understanding which companies are using uRemediate can help teams determine where their products or services could fit or compete in the landscape of web accessibility solutions.

Therefore, this list of companies utilizing uRemediate is a valuable resource, potentially guiding sales teams in filtering prospective leads and refining their approach, aligning it with the businesses' ethos and requirements.

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