Companies using NagishLi

NagishLi is a free accessibility plugin developed by Localize* to help webmasters create more inclusive and accessible websites. The purpose of NagishLi is to provide an equal opportunity for people with disabilities to access the internet without any barriers or limitations. This plugin helps webmasters comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA, which is an international standard for website accessibility.

NagishLi is designed to be easy to install and use, and it offers various features that enhance website accessibility. For example, NagishLi can add alternative text to images, provide keyboard navigation, improve color contrast, and help users resize text. These features can significantly improve the browsing experience for people with disabilities, such as those who are blind, deaf, or have limited mobility.

By making their websites more accessible with NagishLi, webmasters can reach a wider audience and demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity. It is important to note that website accessibility is not only a moral obligation but also a legal requirement in many countries. Therefore, NagishLi can help webmasters avoid potential lawsuits and penalties.

Overall, NagishLi is an essential tool for webmasters who want to make their websites accessible for everyone, regardless of disability. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, NagishLi can help bridge the gap between web accessibility and inclusion.

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378 companies are currently using NagishLi


Eternity L.T.D

where life stories and me..

12 Employees$21K - $3K$67K israel17%Export

codevalue is a leading so..

139 Employees$21K - $47K$72K israel78%Export
JTLV Investments

creating a natural flow b..

13 Employees$43K - $31K$57K israel50%Export
Nogamy נוגמי

the data people

57 Employees$5K - $26K$71K israel79%Export
Physio-Logic Ltd.

israel largest vendor, pr..

38 Employees$23K - $43K$87K israel65%Export
Huliot Pipes and Fittings..

74 Employees$39K - $32K$90K india27%Export
Comax smart E.R.P

הלב של העסק שלך

101 Employees$19K - $45K$78K israel5%Export
Pose Point-of-Sale

web-based point-of-sale b..

9 Employees$3K - $6K$83K israel36%Export

ADVYON offers IT and mark..

9 Employees$47K - $11K$74K united states ..72%Export
AllTrade Group Israel

israeli business market l..

26 Employees$49K - $14K$69K israel36%Export
WebTech Innovation

24 Employees$47K - $16K$81K israel66%Export

organizing worldwide real..

13 Employees$36K - $14K$97K israel84%Export
ENCO Scientific Services ..

7 Employees$20K - $48K$94K israel56%Export
Moveo Group

a group of companies that..

217 Employees$19K - $27K$81K israel22%Export
8200 For Startups by EISP..

israel's 1st accelerator ..

32 Employees$24K - $24K$97K israel100%Export

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Using NagishLi for finding leads

The list of companies using NagishLi provides a rich resource for businesses searching for leads in a specific niche. This list illustrates businesses that emphasize online accessibility for their customers, including those with disabilities. These companies clearly demonstrate a strong commitment to inclusivity, digital equality, and an enhanced user experience for all visitors.

Sales teams can benefit from this list as it can serve as a highly targeted pool of prospective leads who value accessibility and user inclusivity. These are companies that not only prioritize superior website operation, but they are also likely invested in shaping an online environment that is barrier-free for consumers with various abilities.

When exploring these prospective leads, sales teams also gain insights about niches and industries keen on using such accessibility technology. This can help in refining their sales strategy and likely to generate higher conversion rates. Moreover, understanding the needs and priorities of these companies can aid in crafting presentations and pitches that closely align with the values and goals of these potential clients.

The ultimate value of this list is multifaceted: it offers a detailed view of companies utilizing state-of-the-art accessibility solutions like NagishLi, provides an understanding of overarching industry trends in web accessibility, and offers a roster of potential business leads who share priorities in user inclusivity and superior website experiences.

This list is a valuable asset for sales teams, fostering efficient lead prospecting and enabling focused, effective communication strategies tailored to an audience that values web accessibility and inclusivity.

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