Companies using Meebo

Meebo was a web-based instant messaging platform that allowed users to connect with their friends on multiple chat networks using a single login. It was founded in 2005 and quickly gained popularity among users who were tired of managing separate accounts for each of their chat services.

Meebo offered an easy-to-use interface that allowed users to sign in to popular chat services such as Facebook Chat, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, and others in one place. This made it convenient for users to communicate with their friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances without having to switch between different platforms.

In addition to instant messaging, Meebo also offered other features such as group chat, file sharing, and emoticons. Its social networking integration allowed users to share links and updates directly from the Meebo interface.

Meebo's success led to partnerships with major media companies, including MTV, NBC, and CBS, which integrated Meebo into their websites to provide real-time chat functionality for their audiences.

In 2012, Meebo was acquired by Google and its technology was integrated into Google+ and other Google products. However, in 2013, Google announced that it would be closing Meebo down completely, citing a shift in user behavior towards mobile devices and social networking apps.

Today, Meebo no longer exists as an independent platform. However, its legacy lives on in the form of modern messaging apps that continue to offer similar multi-network chat capabilities for users who want to simplify their communication experience.

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7 companies are currently using Meebo


B Line Marketing

4 Employees$18K - $25K$88K united states ..59%Export
Woo Advertising

8 Employees$35K - $5K$96K india44%Export

Production of refrigerati..

1 Employees$24K - $20K$88K bulgaria13%Export
Egypt IT Community Calend..

2 Employees$16K - $15K$72K -94%Export
DeVille Logotherapy Learn..

2 Employees$2K - $35K$81K -57%Export

2 Employees$30K - $37K$79K united states ..22%
jodiontheweb LLC

Consulting firm for media..

- Employees$26K - $27K$55K united states ..51%Export

Using Meebo for finding leads

This list of companies using Meebo hosts valuable insight for sales teams seeking to expand their prospecting avenues. Meebo, renowned for its social media oriented solutions, is integrated in companies across varying industries for its interactivity and collaboration features.

The list is a goldmine for information on potential leads that are tech-savvy and understand the value of interactive digital communication. A targeted approach can be tailored for these prospects, understanding that they value innovative technology solutions, like Meebo, to drive their business operations.

Sales teams can leverage this list to streamline their prospecting process. By focusing their efforts on companies already using web technologies, they can spend less time qualifying leads and more time pitching relevant products or services. These are organizations that appreciate the value of contemporary technology solutions, making them greater prospects for similar offerings.

Further, information from this list can enhance competitive analysis efforts. Sales teams can gain insight into market trends and the competition's customer base, nurturing their unique selling propositions for these prospects.

In conclusion, with this valuable list of Meebo-using companies, sales teams can identify, understand and reach out to potential leads more effectively, boosting their chances of closing successful deals.

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