Companies using Livescale

Livescale is a video platform that allows teams to create live shopping experiences for their audiences. The platform helps transform content and e-commerce into interactive live streams that engage viewers and drive sales. With Livescale, businesses can showcase their products in real-time and allow customers to make purchases without ever leaving the video stream.

The platform offers a range of features to help businesses deliver seamless live shopping experiences, including customizable product carousels, live chat, and social media integration. Additionally, Livescale provides analytics to help teams track engagement and monitor sales performance during live events.

Livescale's technology is designed to be user-friendly, with no coding required to set up live streams. The platform also integrates with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento, making it easy for businesses to add live shopping to their existing online stores.

Overall, Livescale is a powerful tool for businesses looking to leverage the power of live video to engage their audiences and drive sales. Its innovative approach to live shopping is helping redefine the way we think about e-commerce and video content.

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22 companies are currently using Livescale


Norma Kamali Inc.

77 Employees$47K - $20K$99K united states ..81%Export
Josie Maran

the future of beauty with..

90 Employees$23K - $24K$90K united states ..6%Export
Lola Getts

premium size inclusive ac..

7 Employees$18K - $14K$94K united states ..44%Export
Evergreen Enterprises

unmatched assortment of i..

557 Employees$22K - $39K$95K united states ..87%Export

stand out, sell live. the..

14 Employees$23K - $31K$65K canada33%Export
Actegy Health | Home of R..

bringing happiness back i..

70 Employees$49K - $36K$77K united kingdom..77%Export

the #1 luxury british ski..

687 Employees$2K - $25K$71K united kingdom..69%Export

work smarter, get stronge..

3 Employees$45K - $12K$69K united states ..72%Export

premium women's wear bran..

25 Employees$47K - $38K$76K -23%Export
Cerese D, Inc.

jewelry at its finest.

4 Employees$26K - $7K$94K united states ..20%Export
Hillberg & Berk

for women, by women.

73 Employees$48K - $17K$88K canada63%Export


15 Employees$38K - $8K$65K canada82%Export
headquarters of lancome c..

lancome's mission is to p..

7 Employees$40K - $49K$72K united states ..49%Export

a medical grade skin care..

15 Employees$39K - $3K$59K united states ..53%Export
headquarters of lancome c..

lancôme is committed to a..

1 Employees$43K - $34K$94K united states ..63%Export

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Using Livescale for finding leads

This compiled list of companies that utilize Livescale offers a valuable resource to sales teams. Livescale is an innovative platform merging content and ecommerce into a live shopping experience, and companies leveraging this technology are likely in quest of innovative solutions to further their business engagement strategies.

The enumeration presents a window into the innovative dimension of the ecommerce landscape and offers key insight into companies that are early adopters of the latest web technologies, specifically those that enhance customer engagement and monetization. By understanding where these businesses are placing their stakes in the digital marketplace, sales teams can better position their products or services.

Additionally, the list aids in the identification of potential leads by highlighting companies that value avant-garde technologies, enhancing targeting efficiency. This can help sales teams to streamline their prospecting efforts and focus on organizations that might appreciate and invest in cutting-edge solutions.

Furthermore, by being acquainted with the type of businesses that are employing Livescale for their live shopping experiences, sales teams can tailor their sales pitches to align with a potential lead’s objectives. If a company is already investing in technologies like Livescale, it's fair to surmise they're open to exploring other innovative solutions, providing a ripe opportunity for sales teams.

To encapsulate, this list is a substantial tool for sales teams. It offers a glimpse into companies that are pioneering new pathways in ecommerce, helps in procuring leads that lean towards innovative technology, and provides the knowledge to craft well-targeted and effective sales pitches.

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