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Kaltura is a cloud-based video platform that enables organizations and individuals to create, manage, and distribute video content. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for video management, including capabilities such as video hosting, publishing, analytics, interactivity, and monetization.

With Kaltura, users can upload and store their video content in the cloud, making it easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Kaltura also provides powerful video editing features, allowing users to trim, merge, and add captions to their videos.

One of the key strengths of Kaltura is its flexibility. It can be used by a wide range of industries and applications, including education, media, healthcare, and enterprise. For example, universities can use Kaltura to create and share educational videos, while media companies can use it to manage and distribute their video content across multiple channels.

Kaltura also offers a variety of integrations with popular third-party platforms and services, such as learning management systems, content management systems, and social media platforms. This makes it easy for organizations to incorporate video into their existing workflows and distribution strategies.

Overall, Kaltura provides a robust and scalable solution for managing and distributing video content in the cloud. Its versatility and feature-rich platform make it a popular choice for organizations looking to create and distribute high-quality video content.

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20,425 companies are currently using Kaltura


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Using Kaltura for finding leads

Accessing a list of companies using Kaltura, a popular video content management platform, provides remarkable opportunities for sales teams. This list can serve as a verified pool of potential prospects, saving time and effort usually spent on manual lead prospecting.

The generated list reveals companies that recognize and value high-quality video content management, indicating a potential interest in solutions that enhance their current processes or services linked to video content.

By having this list at their disposal, sales teams can more easily identify and engage with these businesses, tailoring their strategies to cater to potential needs or gaps in the video content management space. By understanding their usage of Kaltura, sales teams can initiate conversations around their current strategies and solutions, potentially offering complementary products or services.

Additionally, a list of Kaltura users offers insights into business industries, sizes, and other characteristics. These insights can help shape personalized and effective sales pitches. This could range from offering solutions for better video content distribution for large corporations to more cost-effective platforms for small businesses looking to streamline their video content management.

Furthermore, the list can be used to track competitors and assess the reach and influence of Kaltura in the market. This information can be valuable for plotting market entry or adjusting marketing tactics to gain a competitive edge.

In summary, a list of companies using Kaltura empowers sales teams with relevant and nuanced information, enabling strategic lead identification, targeted communication, competitor analysis, and thoughtful market penetration.

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