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Plyr is a media player that is designed to playback HTML5, YouTube and Vimeo videos on modern web browsers. It is an accessible and customizable player that is lightweight and easy to use. Plyr provides various features such as support for different file formats, captions, multiple qualities and speed control. It also has a user-friendly interface with controls that can be easily customized using CSS. Plyr is built using JavaScript and can be installed via a simple script tag or through package managers like npm. With its open-source nature, Plyr offers the flexibility to developers to modify and extend its functionality. Overall, Plyr is a powerful yet simple and flexible media player solution for web developers looking to incorporate video playback into their projects.

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56,917 companies are currently using Plyr


C Teleport

revolutionising maritime ..

75 Employees$39K - $25K$91K netherlands56%Export

moju is dedicated to help..

57 Employees$25K - $25K$61K united kingdom..5%Export

wear you, not someone els..

43 Employees$9K - $14K$92K united states ..25%Export

enrich your classroom wit..

91 Employees$38K - $40K$71K netherlands48%Export

build every event with bi..

198 Employees$31K - $39K$85K united states ..7%Export

rifornisci il tuo ristora..

47 Employees$36K - $31K$89K italy65%Export

live life your ouai

120 Employees$13K - $28K$76K united states ..69%Export

delivering data-driven cy..

115 Employees$50K - $13K$78K united states ..96%Export
Block Dojo

global venture builder | ..

58 Employees$49K - $47K$59K united kingdom..14%Export

legl helps law firms digi..

63 Employees$4K - $34K$53K united kingdom..17%Export
Raise3D Technologies

pioneering flexible manuf..

59 Employees$43K - $46K$62K united states ..74%Export
SAM Labs

bring steam and coding to..

35 Employees$5K - $43K$91K united states ..26%Export
4M Analytics

your project's utility da..

114 Employees$47K - $9K$98K united states ..100%Export
Big Red Recruitment

we specialise in technolo..

27 Employees$42K - $45K$61K united kingdom..4%Export
TPP Recruitment

principled recruitment fo..

136 Employees$12K - $32K$88K united kingdom..47%Export

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Using Plyr for finding leads

Accessing the list of companies employing the technology Plyr provides valuable insights for sales teams seeking to expand their potential leads. The presence of a company on this list signifies their investment in high-quality, adaptable media solutions.

This list enables sales teams to identify potential leads among organizations that already have a demonstrated interest in enhancing their media player performance. They are likely consumers of media related technologies and could be interested in related products for video encoding, content distribution, video editing software, accessibility services, among others. By streamlining the lead prospecting process, this list can significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Understanding the usage of Plyr in these organizations can also give sales teams an edge when it comes to initiating conversations. Their familiarity with Plyr indicates a possible commitment to improve user experience through engaging visual media. Thus, pitching products or services that align with this commitment can increase the chances of a successful approach.

Additionally, the diverse range of companies using Plyr, from small start-ups to large corporations, can open doors for new market segments that sales teams may not have considered previously. Each company on the list represents a unique lead with distinct needs and opportunities. This breadth and depth could be instrumental in expanding a company's customer base.

In sum, this list of companies using Plyr signifies a treasure trove of prospective leads for sales teams. With it, they can target the right companies, tailor their approach and potentially diversify their market exposure.

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