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Confer With is a platform that enables live video consultations between shoppers and in-store experts. Whether online or offline, customers can connect with knowledgeable sales associates who can help them navigate purchasing decisions and provide personalized recommendations.

Through the Confer With platform, customers can initiate a video call from a retailer's website or outside a physical store location. Once connected, they are matched with an available expert who is equipped to answer questions and guide them through the shopping experience. The technology enables real-time interactions and personalized guidance, so customers can get the support they need to make informed decisions.

Confer With has been designed to benefit both retailers and consumers. For retailers, it offers a way to provide a high-touch, differentiated shopping experience that can help drive sales and increase customer loyalty. For consumers, it provides access to expert advice and personalized recommendations, which can improve their satisfaction and overall purchase experience.

Overall, Confer With is a powerful tool that helps bridge the gap between online and offline shopping experiences, while enabling real-time interactions and personalized guidance for customers.

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248 companies are currently using Confer With



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Using Confer With for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies making use of Confer With provides a foundation for identifying potential leads and business opportunities. As Confer With is used to foster live streaming video calls between shoppers and in-store experts, industries utilizing it are likely engaged in e-commerce, consumer services, or other customer-facing fields. This implies that such companies prioritize customer engagement, real-time interaction, and personalized shopping experiences.

Sales teams find such a list beneficial as it offers a concrete basis for prospecting. Studying these companies can disclose details about their business models, their approach to customer service, and other crucial data. This information is valuable for understanding how their services or products could complement or enhance the operations of these businesses.

Further, by considering the scope and application of Confer With in each listed company, sales teams can understand the resilient nature of its use and the consequent demand in various sectors. This knowledge can be applied to strategize and tailor pitches, focusing on how their offering aligns with these companies' customer engagement needs, or how it solves specific problems they may be facing.

Moreover, any company investing in a technology like Confer With signifies a willingness to innovate and maintain pace with digital trends. Sales teams can therefore identify them as progressive companies, likely open to exploring new business relationships and solutions that boost their productivity or customer relations efficacy. Therefore, this list serves as a springboard for reeling in qualified leads who are keen on embracing solutions to improve their operations.

In conclusion, a list of companies using Confer With packs manifold value. It's not just a record but a strategic tool that could drive insightful lead prospecting and maximize chances for successful sales pitches. It's a vital resource, designed to guide and bolster ambitious sales teams in their quest for targeted, meaningful business connections.

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