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Confer With

Confer With is a platform that enables live video consultations between shoppers and in-store experts. Whether online or offline, customers can connect with knowledgeable sales associates who can help them navigate purchasing decisions and provide personalized recommendations. Through the Confer With platform, customers can initiate a video call from a retailer's website or outside a physical store location. Once connected, they are matched with an available expert who is equipped to answer questions and guide them through the shopping experience. The technology enables real-time interactions and personalized guidance, so customers can get the support they need to make informed decisions. Confer With has been designed to benefit both retailers and consumers. For retailers, it offers a way to provide a high-touch, differentiated shopping experience that can help drive sales and increase customer loyalty. For consumers, it provides access to expert advice and personalized recommendations, which can improve their satisfaction and overall purchase experience. Overall, Confer With is a powerful tool that helps bridge the gap between online and offline shopping experiences, while enabling real-time interactions and personalized guidance for customers.

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How to use Confer With

Confer With is a powerful tool that allows shoppers to connect with in-store experts using live streaming video calls. This technology can be accessed from a website or outside a store, making it easy and convenient for shoppers to get the help they need.

To use Confer With, shoppers simply need to click on the video call button on the website or mobile app. They will be connected with an experienced in-store expert who can help them with anything from product recommendations to technical support. The expert can see what the shopper is looking at and provide guidance and advice in real-time.

Before the call begins, the shopper may be prompted to enter some basic information about their inquiry or interest to ensure the expert is able to provide tailored suggestions. Once the call starts, shoppers can ask questions and explore products just as if they were in the store themselves.

Confer With also offers the option for instore experts to share their screen with shoppers, which can be particularly helpful when discussing technical products or troubleshooting issues. This feature allows the expert to walk the shopper through any steps they need to take, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Overall, Confer With enables a more personalized shopping experience that is tailored to each customer's individual needs. It allows shoppers to receive expert guidance without having to leave their home or office, and helps retailers to build stronger relationships with their customers.

In conclusion, Confer With is an innovative tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way we shop. By enabling live streaming video calls between shoppers and in-store experts, it provides a level of personalized service that was previously impossible in online retail. Whether you're looking for product recommendations, technical support, or just some friendly advice, Confer With is an excellent resource that can help you get the answers you need quickly and easily.

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