Bambuser is a Stockholm-based SaaS company that specializes in live video shopping technology. Using its software, retailers can stream live videos of their products, and customers can view the product details and purchase them in real-time. Bambuser's technology enables brands to create interactive shopping experiences for their customers, which helps to drive engagement and increase conversions. Additionally, the platform offers various features such as product recommendations, chat support, and social sharing options to enhance the customer experience further. With Bambuser's technology, retailers can connect with their customers in real-time, provide personalized attention, and ultimately drive sales.

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122 Companies using Bambuser

Luxury Promise

the leading next-generati..

33$49K - $37K$109K united kingdom..91%
WOW Concept

gran vía 18.  the next ev..

143$23K - $38K$91K spain85%
Pai Skincare

made for sensitive skin. ..

50$6K - $33K$67K united kingdom..73%

3,916$28K - $30K$7M united states ..85%
Loeffler Randall

family owned and founded ..

58$16K - $23K$71K united states ..93%
Derm to Door

derm to door is an innova..

7$17K - $49K$29K united states ..
Shop Premium Outlets, A S..

the digital marketplace b..

60$8K - $9K$75K united states ..32%

join the team.

908$47K - $21K$73K france6%
Wildling Shoes

we start with our feet, f..

126$50K - $4K$60K germany29%

discover the addictive un..

82$27K - $11K$87K france25%

everyday luxury for kids

116$30K - $26K$53K denmark64%
Nili Lotan New York

122$46K - $38K$82K united states ..16%
NEST New York

welcome to nest new york,..

111$25K - $30K$84K united states ..69%
Collector Square

47$48K - $30K$73K france50%
GUESS?, Inc.

7,759$47K - $13K$2M united states ..21%

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How to use Bambuser

Bambuser is a SaaS company that offers live video shopping technology, which enables businesses to connect with their customers in real time. Here are the steps on how to use Bambuser:

  1. Sign up for a Bambuser account on their website.
  2. Once your account is set up, you can customize your live video shopping experience by adding your logo, product listing, and more.
  3. Next, you can create a live stream event and share the link with your audience via social media, email, or any other marketing channel.
  4. During the live stream event, you can showcase your products and engage with viewers using the chat feature. Viewers can also make purchases directly from the live stream by clicking on the product links provided.
  5. After the event, Bambuser provides detailed analytics so you can track viewer engagement, sales, and more.

With Bambuser's live video shopping technology, you can provide a unique and engaging shopping experience for your customers while increasing your sales and driving customer loyalty.

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