Companies using Boutiq

Boutiq is a platform that offers a personalized video shopping experience. It allows customers to connect with sales associates in real-time through video chat, where they can receive product recommendations and advice. The sales associate can also showcase products by modeling them or demonstrating how they work, providing a more immersive shopping experience. Customers can ask questions and get immediate answers, making the process more interactive and engaging. Boutiq aims to make the online shopping experience more personal and social, using technology to bridge the gap between customers and sales associates. By providing a more personalized experience, Boutiq may potentially increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as facilitate better purchasing decisions. Overall, Boutiq represents a new way of enhancing the e-commerce experience by leveraging video technology to create a more direct and engaging connection between customers and sales associates.

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29 companies are currently using Boutiq


Newton Baby, Inc.

wake up happy!

24 Employees$9K - $31K$65K united states ..86%Export
RMS Beauty

masterfully made. beauti..

43 Employees$47K - $5K$97K united states ..82%Export

nothing is given // every..

29 Employees$24K - $23K$57K united states ..6%Export
Margot McKinney

margot mckinney's jewelle..

7 Employees$6K - $32K$69K australia13%Export
HERC'S Nutrition Canada

🍁 Motivate each other ⁣ ..

30 Employees$39K - $46K$79K canada33%Export

o despertar da nossa melh..

94 Employees$23K - $46K$87K brazil80%Export

french maison of evolving..

6 Employees$42K - $49K$62K france63%Export
coop & spree

a contemporary women's & ..

13 Employees$33K - $38K$66K united states ..42%Export
Babybox & Family GmbH

in the beginning the righ..

7 Employees$32K - $17K$55K germany67%Export

10 Employees$37K - $35K$66K australia36%Export

19 Employees$7K - $47K$83K france79%Export
Herc’s Nutrition Waterloo..

locally owned and operate..

3 Employees$16K - $10K$88K canada88%Export

Your Dress Destination

9 Employees$23K - $8K$84K united states ..73%Export
Alexis Bittar

67 Employees$3K - $10K$69K united states ..48%Export
Hercs Nutrition St. Alber..

St. Albert's premier, loc..

1 Employees$19K - $12K$63K canada12%Export

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Using Boutiq for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing Boutiq can be an instrumental resource, providing significant value for sales teams seeking to identify potential leads. As Boutiq is a personal video shopping solution, companies using it are actively demonstrating an innovative approach to retail and customer service. This suggests they may be more amenable to other innovative tools or services.

Investigating these companies provides an opportunity to understand their business strategies better, as well as their willingness to adopt advanced technologies. Sales teams can use this information to tailor their approach when offering their products or services. If these offerings align with the digital, customer-focused approach evident from the use of Boutiq, there may be an increased chance of securing a deal.

This list also helps in identifying industry trends, as Boutiq is utilized in various markets. By seeing the kind of companies drawn to this technology, sales teams can infer what industries might be more open to their offerings, helping focus their prospecting efforts.

Furthermore, companies on this list are demonstrating a customer-first approach, showing they prioritize enhancing and personalizing the shopping experience. Sales teams with solutions that match this philosophy can better identify potential matches, saving time and effort spent on less promising leads.

In summary, the list of Boutiq-using companies is an effective roadmap for sales teams, directing them to potential leads and allowing a more focused, highly tailored approach to prospect engagement and conversion.

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