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Companies using Acquire Cobrowse

Acquire Cobrowse is a web technology that enables customer support representatives to interact with a customer's browser in a safe and secure manner, without requiring any additional software downloads. With this technology, support agents can view the customer's screen in real-time, providing guidance and assistance as needed. This can be particularly useful for troubleshooting technical issues or navigating complex workflows. Acquire Cobrowse is designed to protect the customer's privacy and security by using encrypted connections and session-specific access codes. This means that only authorized support agents have access to the customer's browser, and all interactions are logged for auditing purposes. Overall, Acquire Cobrowse provides a convenient and efficient way for support teams to collaborate with customers, reducing resolution times and improving overall satisfaction.

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18 companies are currently using Acquire Cobrowse



ai-based cloud observabil..

38 Employees$46K - $28K$62K united states ..83%Export
Trinity Logistics

people-centric freight so..

857 Employees$49K - $23K$58K united states ..50%Export
Origin Bank

727 Employees$40K - $33K$90K united states ..66%Export
Midwest Sports Tennis Out..

20 Employees$9K - $20K$78K united states ..9%Export

provides financial assist..

56 Employees$31K - $34K$74K namibia97%Export
Trinity Logistics

valued partner in supply ..

3 Employees$41K - $37K$89K united states ..18%Export
American Ice Company

10 Employees$29K - $13K$65K united states ..92%Export
Ice Now NV - Las Vegas Ic..

2 Employees$14K - $38K$87K united states ..74%Export
Reddy Ice

reddy ice is the largest ..

982 Employees$3K - $41K$60K united states ..66%Export

train your team, protect ..

27 Employees$8K - $38K$86K france95%Export
Rosedale Ice

Bagged & Block Ice | Ice ..

2 Employees$15K - $11K$96K united states ..76%Export
Audi Österreich

vorsprung durch technik +..

19 Employees$21K - $47K$92K austria1%Export
Ready Ice

41 Employees$40K - $32K$65K united states ..52%Export
Trinity Transports Inc

4 Employees$40K - $26K$64K united states ..45%Export
Midwest Tennis Center

- Employees$6K - $30K$83K united states ..24%Export

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Using Acquire Cobrowse for finding leads

This list of companies that utilize Acquire Cobrowse is an invaluable resource for sales teams hunting for promising leads. Sales teams can use this list to identify organizations already invested in high-quality customer interaction solutions, indicating a commitment to superior customer service and highlighting potential interest in related products or services.

Finding insights or trends among the companies already using Acquire Cobrowse can further aid sales teams. For instance, if a particular industry or business size is using Acquire Cobrowse more predominantly, it could suggest these sectors recognize the importance of secure, seamless online customer interaction. Consequently, they might be open to further enhancing their customer's experience using related services or products.

Additionally, this list can help sales teams tailor their communication strategies. Companies using Acquire Cobrowse are clearly tech-savvy and strive towards delivering superior customer service, and these traits can be used to ingrain specific, persuasive strategies in a pitch.

In summary, the collection of companies using Acquire Cobrowse fortifies lead identification and enhances communication strategies by providing valuable contexts about potential clients' investment in high-quality, secure methods of online customer interaction. Therefore, it serves as an essential tool for sales teams in their prospecting efforts.

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