Acquire Cobrowse
Acquire Cobrowse

Acquire Cobrowse is a web technology that enables customer support representatives to interact with a customer's browser in a safe and secure manner, without requiring any additional software downloads. With this technology, support agents can view the customer's screen in real-time, providing guidance and assistance as needed. This can be particularly useful for troubleshooting technical issues or navigating complex workflows. Acquire Cobrowse is designed to protect the customer's privacy and security by using encrypted connections and session-specific access codes. This means that only authorized support agents have access to the customer's browser, and all interactions are logged for auditing purposes. Overall, Acquire Cobrowse provides a convenient and efficient way for support teams to collaborate with customers, reducing resolution times and improving overall satisfaction.

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13 Companies using Acquire Cobrowse

Trinity Logistics

people-centric freight so..

834$20K - $1K$45K united states ..83%
Origin Bank

658$21K - $34K$66K united states ..66%
Trinity Logistics

Valued partner in supply ..

8$28K - $22K$45K united states ..83%
American Ice Company

10$4K - $45K$93K united states ..93%
Ready Ice

35$11K - $18K$66K united states ..67%
Ice Now NV - Las Vegas Ic..

2$10K - $8K$0 united states ..4%
Audi Österreich

Vorsprung durch Technik +..

12$27K - $23K$75K austria16%
Reddy Ice

reddy ice is the largest ..

932$32K - $44K$66K united states ..76%

train your team, protect ..

27$30K - $44K$66K france76%
Granite Logistics Service..

-$32K - $16K$45K united states ..83%
Trinity Transports Inc

4$33K - $17K$45K united states ..83%
Origin Bancorp Inc

-$37K - $49K$0 united states ..92%
Reddy Ice Holdings Inc

-$41K - $39K$66K united states ..47%

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How to use Acquire Cobrowse

Acquire Cobrowse is a useful tool that allows customer support representatives to interact with customers' browsers without downloading any additional software. To use Acquire Cobrowse, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Acquire account.
  2. Navigate to the chat or video call window with the customer you want to assist.
  3. Click on the Cobrowse icon located in the top right corner of the window.
  4. A message will appear asking the customer for permission to share their screen. The customer must click "allow" to proceed.
  5. Once the customer grants permission, you will have real-time access to their browser window and can make changes or offer guidance by using the mouse and keyboard.
  6. To end the session, simply click the Cobrowse icon again.

It is important to note that Acquire Cobrowse is a safe and secure method of interacting with a customer's browser because no additional software needs to be downloaded. This ensures that sensitive customer information remains secure and private during the session.

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