Companies using SWFObject


SWFObject is a JavaScript library that provides a standardized and efficient way of embedding Adobe Flash content, such as SWF files, into web pages. It was developed by Geoff Stearns and is widely used by web developers to ensure reliable and consistent playback of Flash content across various browsers and platforms.

The library works by detecting the presence of a compatible version of the Flash Player plug-in installed in the user's web browser. If the required version is not present, SWFObject can optionally display alternative content or provide a link to download the latest Flash Player. Once the player is detected, SWFObject offers several methods for embedding the SWF file into the HTML document, including object tags or JavaScript calls.

One of the major benefits of using SWFObject is its ability to handle different scenarios gracefully, such as when a user has disabled the Flash Player or if the player crashes or fails to load. This helps to improve the user experience and reduce frustration and confusion for visitors to the website.

SWFObject also supports advanced features like dynamic publishing of content, which allows developers to change the content and behavior of the SWF file at runtime based on user interactions or other events. Additionally, it includes methods for accessing and controlling the embedded SWF file through JavaScript, making it easier to create interactive and responsive Flash-based applications.

Overall, SWFObject is a powerful and reliable tool for embedding Flash content in web pages, and its widespread adoption among web developers underscores its effectiveness and versatility.

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116,886 companies are currently using SWFObject


Training The Street

Preparing Financial Profe..

164 Employees$39K - $20K$77K united states ..1%Export

award-winning manufacture..

32 Employees$5K - $3K$87K finland58%Export
IPlytics GmbH

iplytics - the gold stand..

28 Employees$15K - $16K$65K germany30%Export
International Wholesale

your worldwide “one stop ..

47 Employees$2K - $46K$96K united states ..38%Export
Purple Platypus

we are your west coast 3d..

25 Employees$47K - $43K$54K united states ..87%Export
Alton Aviation Consultanc..

alton aviation consultanc..

56 Employees$39K - $2K$55K united states ..7%Export
Avanti Staffing

staffing pros who are put..

19 Employees$12K - $30K$93K united states ..41%Export
Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc...

dedicated farmers - happy..

1,088 Employees$31K - $16K$64K united states ..29%Export
Speak Creative

digital marketing agency ..

34 Employees$1K - $41K$87K united states ..1%Export
SuperSonic Imagine

innovations in ultrasound..

153 Employees$12K - $13K$82K france20%Export
K.L. Scott & Associates, ..

sba certified 8(a) manage..

21 Employees$3K - $30K$81K united states ..84%Export
Cambridge Polymer Group

a contract research labor..

23 Employees$18K - $39K$56K united states ..68%Export

high quality vacuum furna..

20 Employees$33K - $34K$51K united states ..51%Export

35 years of connecting in..

75 Employees$36K - $8K$60K united states ..10%Export
Flash Therapeutics

cdmo expert specialized i..

52 Employees$14K - $3K$68K france34%Export

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Using SWFObject for finding leads

This list of companies employing SWFObject technology provides an invaluable resource for sales teams looking to find tailored leads. By targeting firms that use SWFObject, businesses can focus their efforts on prospects that are at least somewhat invested in the maintenance or development of Flash-based content on their sites, possibly making them more receptive to tools, services or solutions that support such activities.

This list presents an opportunity to understand better the type of projects a company handles and involves a wealth of valuable leads. Given that many enterprises still depend on Flash for legacy systems and specific requirements, it's quite possible they may be seeking additional solutions to streamline their operations, enhance Flash asset management or performance or ensure continued support in a Flash-diminished environment.

Furthermore, clients on this list might be interested in solutions for transitioning away from Flash as it's an obsolete technology and several browser vendors like Chrome or Safari have stopped supporting it. They may be considering modern alternatives like HTML5 or WebGL for their interactive web content. Hence, enterprises providing such modern solutions, consultation services, or related products can discover potential customers who might benefit from their offerings.

The inclusion of a company in this list suggests that it values tools that allow Flash content to be viewed in as many environments as possible, including those where native Flash support may either not be available or is deliberately disabled. Selling products, services, or solutions that similarly aim at interoperability, compatibility or expansion of reach could thus be seen as more attractive to these potential leads.

By leveraging this list, a sales team can make more informed decisions about which businesses to approach, how their solutions could assist, and in tailoring their sales pitches to address the specific needs of each organization. Hence, this list is not just a directory but a gateway to untapped opportunities to generate sales and foster partnerships.

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