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Companies using Open Graph

Open Graph is a protocol that allows web pages to integrate with the social graph by defining metadata for each page. This metadata includes information such as the title, description and image of the page. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter use this metadata to display rich previews of links to these pages when shared on their platforms. By implementing Open Graph tags, website owners can control how their content appears on social media channels, helping to increase engagement and drive traffic to their websites.

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9,562,059 companies are currently using Open Graph


Health iPASS Inc.

better check-ins, better ..

41 Employees$44K - $8K$65K united states ..94%Export
Hyatus Stays

hyatus stays offers tenan..

37 Employees$28K - $5K$81K united states ..31%Export

unlocking tiktok & influe..

82 Employees$24K - $28K$70K united states ..74%Export
Altinity, Inc.

run clickhouse anywhere w..

39 Employees$37K - $3K$91K united states ..33%Export

catch battery defects in ..

39 Employees$42K - $41K$54K united states ..79%Export
New Columbia Solar

energize locally

53 Employees$10K - $7K$51K united states ..38%Export

we simplify enterprise cl..

68 Employees$22K - $14K$75K united states ..19%Export
VeeOne Health

your one virtual care pla..

67 Employees$6K - $48K$59K united states ..100%Export
HomeTown Ticketing, Inc

HomeTown Ticketing is the..

167 Employees$47K - $48K$85K united states ..86%Export
Summit Casing Equipment

15 Employees$2K - $7K$52K united states ..79%Export

nvenue is a micro-betting..

18 Employees$3K - $43K$93K united states ..45%Export

real benefits for real li..

94 Employees$42K - $36K$66K united states ..53%Export
Mozart Data

the modern data platform ..

28 Employees$19K - $20K$97K united states ..100%Export

the pioneer of human-cent..

56 Employees$46K - $9K$93K united states ..18%Export

the leading b2b go-to-mar..

35 Employees$46K - $48K$63K united states ..10%Export

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Using Open Graph for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies using Open Graph serves as a valuable resource. It offers profound insights into the diversified industries, from tech startups to well-established corporations across various sectors, which have incorporated this protocol into their web operations. It is more than just a list; it's an encyclopedic collection of prospective clients for business-to-business (B2B) ventures in the technology space.

Each company on this list represents a potential lead for sales teams. It indicates that the organization is tech-savvy, valuing modern methods of improving their web presence and customer engagement. Such organizations may be open to exploring additional solutions that boost their digital operations, translating to business opportunities for providers of related products or services.

Moreover, the list's inclusivity allows identification of trends, facilitating position-tailored outreach. It helps sales teams to understand which industries are more likely to adopt similar technologies, shedding light on prospective sectors for expansion of sales efforts.

The list also assists in competitive analysis. Having an understanding of what other technologies companies might be using, in addition to Open Graph, empowers sales teams to strategically position their services. This deep contextual understanding can be used to customize pitches, presenting potential solutions that are either complementary or a notch above their existing solutions.

Finally, this list serves as an excellent starting point for account-based marketing (ABM) efforts. In ABM, sales and marketing teams work in unison, targeting the most promising businesses from the list with personalized campaigns to maximize conversion prospects.

Overall, the list of companies using Open Graph equips sales teams with the necessary intelligence to identify, understand, engage, and forge beneficial relationships with potential leads.

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