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Izooto is a web-based engagement and retention tool that allows businesses to connect with their customers through web push notifications. With Izooto, businesses can create personalized messages and campaigns to drive repeat traffic, leads, and sales. By leveraging web push notifications, businesses can reach their customers even when they are not browsing the website. This helps to keep the customers engaged while also increasing their loyalty towards the brand. Izooto comes with features such as segmentation, automation, A/B testing, and analytics which enable businesses to optimize their campaigns for better results. The segmentation feature allows businesses to target specific customers based on their behavior, preferences or location. The automation feature enables businesses to set up automated campaigns triggered by user behavior. The A/B testing feature allows businesses to test different versions of their campaigns to determine the most effective one. Finally, the analytics feature provides insights into campaign performance, customer behavior, and other metrics that help businesses make data-driven decisions.

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811 companies are currently using Izooto


Supply Clinic

compare & save on dental ..

19 Employees$26K - $43K$98K united states ..79%Export
The News Minute

unlocking the power for d..

42 Employees$10K - $13K$88K india7%Export

adpushup is a google cert..

160 Employees$35K - $47K$55K united states ..60%Export

serving youth sport. we a..

47 Employees$23K - $24K$96K united states ..16%Export

eliminating single-use it..

27 Employees$29K - $23K$80K denmark39%Export

empowering the workplace ..

14 Employees$5K - $25K$73K canada13%Export
Famous Smoke Shop

guaranteed fresh since 19..

131 Employees$42K - $49K$77K united states ..41%Export
Republic World

nation first. no compromi..

667 Employees$13K - $37K$66K india62%Export
JAC Vapour Ltd

jac a boutique vaping hou..

8 Employees$10K - $41K$90K united kingdom..73%Export

offcampusjobs4u.com is in..

5 Employees$2K - $16K$70K india47%Export
The CEO Magazine - India

monthly business magazine..

47 Employees$19K - $3K$82K india15%Export
TeamLease Services Limite..

putting india to work

8,200 Employees$22K - $1K$90K india51%Export
WebTeb ويب طب

we are in a mission to im..

88 Employees$23K - $4K$57K united states ..91%Export
Kole Imports & Closeouts

wholesale supplier of uni..

61 Employees$35K - $41K$72K united states ..28%Export
Qube Health

the fintech for healthtec..

49 Employees$49K - $22K$78K india87%Export

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Using Izooto for finding leads

This extensive list of companies leveraging the Izooto tool is an essential resource for sales teams. It consists of businesses across various domains that are actively making use of web push notifications to enhance user engagement, customer retention, and also to power up their lead generation and sales capabilities.

From this list, sales professionals can extract potential leads that recognize the importance of digital channels for communication and customer interaction. It provides an understanding of businesses that are proactive in using advanced tools for driving traffic, capturing leads, and boosting sales, showcasing their focus on using up-to-date technologies to amplify their marketing efforts.

Each company on this list is a potential prospect for products or services that complement or enhance the Izooto features, such as CRMs, analytics platforms, or other marketing technology solutions. These companies are likely to appreciate offerings that integrate well with Izooto or further enable their digital marketing efforts.

Moreover, the list could help in segmenting audiences based on various factors like company size, industry type, and many more. It allows sales teams to tailor their pitches according to the specific needs and challenges of these businesses, leading to more effective and targeted sales strategies. This will increase the probability of converting these potential leads into customers.

In conclusion, this list acts as a window into the mindset of modern businesses that value digital engagement for revenue generation, offering remarkable aid in the lead prospecting process. It aids sales teams in identifying, understanding, and reaching out to potential leads in a more strategic and personalized manner, leading to more significant opportunities and better conversion rates.

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