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Handtalk is a web accessibility plug-in that allows websites to become more accessible for the deaf community by using sign language. The plugin translates written digital content into animated videos featuring sign language interpreters, making it easier for users who are deaf or hard of hearing to understand and interact with the website. Handtalk also provides customization options such as font size, color, and background colors to improve user experience. With Handtalk, web developers can easily integrate sign language interpretation functionalities into their websites and provide equal access to digital content for all users.

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235 companies are currently using Handtalk


Ancar Ivanhoe

#gentequetransforma | há ..

1,752 Employees$37K - $2K$80K brazil57%Export
Universidade Feevale

a feevale está sempre 🪐 ..

1,485 Employees$18K - $14K$78K brazil95%Export
UNIMED Norte/Nordeste

soluções em saúde e bem e..

101 Employees$33K - $28K$56K brazil71%Export
Unimed Natal

aqui tem vida. aqui tem g..

940 Employees$16K - $14K$96K brazil96%Export
Unimed Patos de Minas

cuidar de você. esse é o ..

175 Employees$46K - $17K$54K brazil49%Export
Unimed João Pessoa

cuidar de você. esse é o ..

914 Employees$38K - $48K$95K brazil49%Export
Unimed Campo Grande

aqui tem gente. aqui tem ..

794 Employees$11K - $23K$82K brazil30%Export
Unimed de Taubaté

cuidar de você, esse é o ..

98 Employees$33K - $50K$74K brazil20%Export
Unimed Vertente Do Capara..

cuidar de você. esse é o ..

58 Employees$50K - $49K$79K brazil38%Export
Unimed Federação MS

somos coop - somos o coop..

23 Employees$20K - $8K$80K brazil75%Export
Unimed Ferj

aqui tem gente. aqui tem ..

167 Employees$44K - $29K$63K brazil85%Export
Unimed Sul Capixaba

cuidar de você. esse é o ..

500 Employees$29K - $43K$99K brazil47%Export
Unimed Fesp

cuidar de você. esse é o ..

739 Employees$23K - $10K$62K brazil72%Export
instituto bruno

instituto bruno de apoio ..

12 Employees$13K - $15K$90K brazil88%Export
Unimed Concórdia

cuidar de você, esse é o ..

41 Employees$23K - $11K$60K brazil68%Export

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Using Handtalk for finding leads

Creating a diverse digital environment for everyone is a key goal for several businesses worldwide. As such, accessibility plugins like Handtalk are embraced by multiple companies. This particular list on the page seeks to highlight all the businesses leveraging Handtalk to make their websites more accessible.

The inherent value of this list stems from both the quality and diversity of the companies provided. By acknowledging those businesses that prioritize accessibility and social responsibility, the list offers an essential snapshot into the current trends of digital inclusion.

Furthermore, this information can be invaluable for sales teams. Possessing an understanding of which companies prioritize web accessibility may help identify potential leads. If a company is investing in Handtalk, they show a commitment to inclusive practices and cutting-edge technologies. In tune with this mindset, they may be more receptive to proposals that align with these values.

Moreover, the list can facilitate the identification of industry trends. By analyzing the industries in which these Handtalk-using companies operate, sales teams can formulate tailored pitches aimed at similar businesses. This targeted approach can increase the effectiveness of lead generation and successful conversions.

Additionally, the insight gathered from this list could be used to align a company's sales strategy with the broader trend of inclusivity, shaping a compelling narrative that resonates with potential leads.

Those who are scouting for opportunities in the realm of technological solution sales might find this list to be an invaluable tool. As each lead generated from this list is a potential gateway into a conversation about technological innovations, it offers a significant stepping-stone for connection and conversion. Thus, sales teams can not only find leads but also engage in meaningful discussions about accessibility and digital inclusivity with potential clients.

This list is more than just a directory of companies. It's a representation of a future-forward approach, a commitment to accessibility, and a goldmine of potential leads for proactive sales teams.

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