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EX.CO is an online platform that allows publishers, brand agencies, and content creators to create interactive content in various formats. The platform was formerly known as Playbuzz and has undergone rebranding to improve its services. With EX.CO, users can create engaging content such as quizzes, polls, lists, video snippets, countdowns, and slideshows, among others, that help increase audience engagement.

The platform provides pre-built templates that users can customize according to their preferences. Users can also add images, videos, and other multimedia elements to make the content more appealing. Additionally, EX.CO's analytics tools allow users to track how audiences interact with their content, providing insights to improve future content creation.

EX.CO offers a wide range of features such as social sharing, lead generation forms, and integrations with different social media platforms. This integration feature is vital for content distribution to reach a more extensive audience. The platform is optimized for various devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones, allowing users to create mobile-friendly content.

Overall, EX.CO offers an intuitive platform for creating and publishing interactive content that helps drive user engagement. Its capabilities have made it a favorite among publishers, brands, and content creators who are looking to create more engaging and shareable content for their audiences.

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148 companies are currently using EX.CO



experiment with flavor

64 Employees$39K - $6K$66K united states ..85%Export

bet you never thought log..

8 Employees$30K - $7K$68K united states ..33%Export
SBLive Sports

sblive sports celebrates ..

75 Employees$5K - $3K$61K united states ..3%Export

drive phygital brand comm..

19 Employees$9K - $49K$84K united states ..41%Export

telling the story of educ..

89 Employees$38K - $33K$68K united states ..34%Export
DPG Digital Media Group

103 Employees$50K - $37K$76K greece96%Export
INEOS Grenadiers Cycling ..

86 Employees$3K - $7K$88K united kingdom..25%Export

the leading tech platform..

18 Employees$46K - $35K$65K united states ..60%Export
New England Newspapers, I..

the berkshire eagle, the ..

57 Employees$50K - $12K$74K united states ..64%Export
Guardian Nigeria

independent journalism si..

67 Employees$18K - $6K$62K nigeria99%Export
the berkshire eagle

berkshire county, massach..

109 Employees$13K - $12K$98K united states ..5%Export

¡alimenta tu mente!

9 Employees$10K - $34K$85K united states ..97%Export
Fark, Inc

10 Employees$37K - $15K$71K italy3%Export
Grand Designs Portfolio

grand designs offer inspi..

7 Employees$48K - $46K$57K united kingdom..82%Export
The Scranton Times-Tribun..

81 Employees$22K - $44K$51K united states ..65%Export

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Using EX.CO for finding leads

A list of companies utilizing the EX.CO platform presents immense value for sales teams on the hunt for promising leads. EX.CO, with its focus on interactive content formats, attracts a diverse range of businesses from publishers, brand agencies, to content creators. As such, this list provides information about a varied pool of businesses already placing a high priority on engaging, interactive content.

Utilizing this list, sales teams can improve their efficiency by targeting businesses already familiar with the value of interactive content. The intimate understanding of the necessity to engage consumers in meaningful, digital conversation positions these companies as prime prospects. They are aware of the digital audience's demand for more captivating content and are likely always on the lookout for services that improve engagement levels.

Furthermore, the list can serve as a foundation for personalized outreach strategies. Businesses on this list have demonstrated an inclination towards innovative platforms like EX.CO. It shows they are willing to invest in advanced technologies to enhance their digital presence. For companies offering related or complementary services to EX.CO, tapping into this list can yield fruitful engagements.

The list is also a valuable resource for competitive analysis. It empowers sales teams with insights into industry trends and the types of businesses prioritizing interactive content in their strategies. With this information, sales teams can refine their prospecting tactics, positioning their product or service to these businesses in line with contemporary trends.

In conclusion, a list of companies using EX.CO equips sales teams with valuable knowledge to streamline their lead generation strategy, ensure high-quality engagements, and ultimately drive conversions.

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