Companies using Eveve


Eveve is a widget that allows customers to book tables at restaurants. It is designed to be integrated into a website or mobile application, providing an easy-to-use interface for customers to reserve tables. With Eveve, customers can select the date, time, and number of guests they would like to book, and receive instant confirmation of their reservation. Restaurants can also use Eveve to manage their bookings, view customer data, and track availability in real-time. Overall, Eveve helps streamline the table booking process for both customers and restaurants, improving efficiency and ensuring a smoother dining experience.

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64 companies are currently using Eveve


The Grounds at Whoa! Stud..

modern family eatery / pr..

6 Employees$26K - $20K$94K new zealand94%Export
Nanam Eatery

award-winning, modern fil..

4 Employees$33K - $30K$61K new zealand89%Export
Restaurante Zumaque

restaurante situado en el..

2 Employees$7K - $48K$80K spain17%Export
Rossa Negra

first international fusio..

1 Employees$36K - $6K$98K united states ..75%Export
Diner 66 Christchurch

for your personal or corp..

2 Employees$43K - $32K$76K new zealand47%Export

say hi, to a new way to s..

15 Employees$15K - $20K$83K new zealand5%Export
Cargo Brewery

4 Employees$33K - $6K$55K new zealand45%Export
La Ruta Hamburguesería

Gourmet Burger place, esp..

3 Employees$3K - $34K$88K colombia10%Export
Caffe e Cucina Limited

Modern Italian Cuisine wi..

2 Employees$37K - $5K$89K new zealand10%Export
Lucas Maes

grupo de restaurantes de ..

2 Employees$11K - $15K$91K spain86%Export
Gao Asian Fusion

3 Employees$46K - $23K$68K new zealand86%Export
Luci Ancora

3 Employees$41K - $42K$84K united states ..73%Export
Odettes Eatery

3 Employees$41K - $30K$71K new zealand46%Export
Osteria Convivium

4 Employees$16K - $24K$82K peru90%Export
Blue Kanu

3 Employees$45K - $21K$98K new zealand77%Export

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Using Eveve for finding leads

This dynamic list illustrates a myriad of companies already leveraging Eveve's technology, showcasing a wide spectrum in the restaurant industry that use the restaurant table booking widget.

The value of the list lies in its comprehensive representation of diverse businesses, varying from small boutique eateries to extravagant gourmet restaurants. It provides a tangible testimonial displaying the practicality and effectiveness of Eveve's technology in a real-world context. As an insightful point of reference for sales teams, the list underlines the technology's successful integration across different market segments.

Sales teams can tap into this resource for lead prospecting, using the scope of adoption as a benchmark for assessing the suitability of potential leads. By identifying trends and patterns specific to the ideal Eveve user, the teams can narrow down and strategically target their potential leads.

Understanding the typical company type and size that gets the most value from Eveve's technology can help to zero-in on promising prospects. By accessing the list, sales teams can refine their approach based on the nature and demands of intended leads, enhancing the efficiency of their prospecting efforts.

Additionally, by providing a clear view of Eveve's current market penetration, the list can help identify less saturated areas or sectors that present untapped potentials. Underexplored market segments become invaluable opportunities, turning new territories into potential revenue streams for your sales teams to explore.

In conclusion, the list acts as a pivotal navigation tool, providing actionable insights that fuel more precise lead targeting, fosters effective prospecting strategies, and feeds the creation of compelling sales pitches tailored to the demands and interests of potential customers. This valuable tool effectively improves sales approaches and can significantly enhance lead conversion rates.

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