Companies using Ethers

Ethers is a minimal and straightforward Ethereum library that offers a complete set of tools to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. It provides an easy-to-use interface to handle complex tasks such as creating and managing wallets, sending and receiving ether, and interacting with smart contracts. Ethers is built using modern web technologies, which makes it lightweight, fast, and easy to integrate into any web application. The library is written in TypeScript, which provides a clean and structured codebase, making it easier for developers to read and understand the code. Ethers supports both Node.js and browsers, allowing developers to build decentralized applications for the web and mobile platforms. Overall, Ethers is an excellent choice for developers who want to get started with Ethereum development quickly and efficiently without having to deal with the complexity of the underlying infrastructure.

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1,701 companies are currently using Ethers



demystifying bitcoin, eth..

55 Employees$21K - $30K$92K united states ..47%Export

tap into a pool of gamers..

25 Employees$21K - $21K$82K united states ..13%Export

transforming the manageme..

38 Employees$16K - $7K$88K united states ..66%Export
Futures Factory

your footsteps into the f..

8 Employees$43K - $4K$86K france57%Export

global marketplace offeri..

17 Employees$41K - $40K$93K panama43%Export

any asset, any business, ..

25 Employees$37K - $21K$69K france54%Export

reimagining retail in the..

73 Employees$10K - $48K$96K united states ..46%Export

lore gives your community..

9 Employees$41K - $20K$59K united states ..19%Export
Esports One

esports one is building t..

33 Employees$32K - $49K$96K united states ..46%Export
Dim Mak

by any means necessary

60 Employees$8K - $7K$77K united states ..90%Export
Set Labs

build market-leading, inn..

27 Employees$17K - $49K$62K united states ..10%Export
Snickerdoodle Labs

move beyond outdated cook..

36 Employees$8K - $37K$89K united states ..39%Export
BlackSmith Ventures

modern day holding compan..

5 Employees$23K - $29K$68K united states ..3%Export
apalya technologies pvt l..

leading over-the-top (ott..

163 Employees$35K - $28K$86K india99%Export

artwrld commissions & pre..

3 Employees$28K - $38K$91K united states ..75%Export

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Using Ethers for finding leads

Access to a list of companies utilizing Ethers provides remarkable value to sales teams. Enterprises in this list are on the forefront of adopting leading-edge blockchain technology, such as Ethers, showing their commitment to harnessing the power of distributed ledger technology and digital currencies.

This list helps sales teams identify potential leads in the increasingly popular space of blockchain technology and specifically those interested in Ethereum-related services. Whether a sales team has a product or service directly related to Ethereum or broader blockchain applications, these firms demonstrate a propensity for technological adoption that might not be immediately apparent without such a list.

By targeting companies that already incorporate Ethers into their tech stack, sales professionals can minimize unnecessary outreach to uninterested or unprepared potential clients, saving time and resources for all involved. Moreover, these companies may be looking for complementary services to amplify their existing solutions, providing an ideal jumping-off point for creating more tailored and effective sales pitches.

Sales teams can also observe trends among the businesses investing in the application of Ethers technology. Recognizing industries, company sizes, and other commonalities can further enable targeted prospecting and better identification of potential leads in the same ecosystem.

What's more, this list gives insights into those organizations already familiar with digital currencies. Since understanding and confidence in this domain can be a considerable hurdle in adopting such technologies, sales teams can engage with these leads with an assurance that they recognize the need and benefits of blockchain and the Ethereum network.

Finally, understanding these companies' engagement with Ethers can provide business intelligence to shape sales strategies and inform the development of new products, services, or features that address common challenges or opportunities these companies face.

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