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eKomi is a German-based company that provides product and supplier reviews service to businesses. The platform collects user-generated reviews and ratings about products and suppliers, and then displays them on the company's website or other e-commerce platforms. The eKomi system is designed to help companies build trust with their customers by providing transparent feedback and enabling businesses to respond to customer reviews. The reviews are collected from verified buyers, ensuring the authenticity of the feedback. eKomi provides various features such as rating and review widget, seller rating, product rating, social media sharing, custom survey questions, and real-time analytics. By using eKomi, businesses can improve their online reputation, increase customer engagement, and ultimately drive sales.

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1,360 companies are currently using eKomi



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Smart Cells

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Using eKomi for finding leads

The list of companies using eKomi can be a potent tool for sales teams to identify business leads. These companies understand the importance of managing their online reputation and growth through customer feedback, which can provide indications of their commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.

For product or service providers in the technology industry, being able to directly target these businesses could result in favorable outcomes. As companies using eKomi are likely to value customer-centric solutions, they could be particularly open to new technologies and partnerships that boost their customer engagement efforts.

Moreover, the usage of eKomi paints a picture of the scale and type of clients these companies cater to. For instance, a business serving a large customer base might be more inclined to invest in automation tools or enterprise software to better manage their operations.

Furthermore, viewing the eKomi reviews could also grant some insight into certain specifics about a company's operations. For example, if a company has particularly glowing reviews for its customer service, a potential lead could build a sales strategy around strengthening this already strong area. Conversely, if a company has less than ideal reviews in a certain aspect, it could indicate a potential area of need for them, which could be addressed in the sales pitch as well.

As such, the list of companies using eKomi, combined with the review data they have accumulated, can serve as an efficient roadmap for sales teams looking for their next lead. The understanding gleaned here is multi-layered - from the types of businesses investing in customer reviews to the operation specifics discernible from the reviews, this list can play a key role in guiding a sales team's strategic efforts.

An example of a company that uses eKomi for reviews is Company XYZ, demonstrating their dedication to customer satisfaction and feedback.

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