Companies using BSmart

BSmart is an ecommerce platform developed by Microline. It provides features for managing online stores, including inventory management, order tracking, and payment processing. With BSmart, businesses can create a customized storefront that reflects their brand and offer customers a user-friendly shopping experience. The platform also allows for integration with various third-party tools and services, such as analytics tools, shipping providers, and marketing automation software. Overall, BSmart is designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing their online sales operations.

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63 companies are currently using BSmart


Gaash Lighting

smart lighting solutions...

30 Employees$46K - $3K$66K israel9%Export
MDT- Micro Diamond Techno..

world largest dental rota..

27 Employees$31K - $12K$81K israel5%Export
Palziv North America

36 Employees$12K - $6K$53K united states ..74%Export
Mercury Scientific and In..

32 Employees$49K - $41K$67K israel22%Export
M.R.C Ltd-Laboratory Equi..

mrc- laboratory equipment..

12 Employees$39K - $42K$72K israel3%Export
G. Beres Marketing

communction & energy. cab..

19 Employees$17K - $33K$85K israel32%Export
Dangot Omniq

advanced retail & medical..

83 Employees$12K - $46K$53K israel44%Export
WeRIsrael - Incoming Tour..

live the israeli story.

5 Employees$3K - $49K$80K israel85%Export
April Cosmetics (Israel)

10 Employees$38K - $46K$79K israel7%Export
ecology - אקולוגיה לקהילה..

עסק חברתי-אקולוגי המעסיק ..

8 Employees$1K - $42K$65K israel89%Export
Illumina Ltd

3 Employees$41K - $40K$67K israel14%Export
Microline Computers Syste..

6 Employees$46K - $45K$68K israel62%Export
Mei Ami Quality Plants

6 Employees$27K - $29K$72K israel51%Export

nirotek never straying fr..

18 Employees$36K - $26K$72K israel76%Export
LifeGene - People Connect..

10 Employees$7K - $11K$59K israel31%Export

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Using BSmart for finding leads

This list includes a range of businesses that use BSmart, a renowned ecommerce platform developed by Microline. BSmart is used across a variety of different industries, which makes this list potentially invaluable for sales teams looking to target ecommerce businesses or those utilizing advanced ecommerce solutions.

Companies on this list have acknowledged the importance of contemporary ecommerce tools in advancing their business strategies. This signifies that these companies understand the current business landscape, making them potentially open to new solutions that can further improve their operations, sales, or overall growth.

Sales teams can use this list in several ways to find leads:

  1. Industry Identification: The diversity of companies using BSmart suggests they operate in various sectors. Identifying the industries most widely represented provides an opportunity to tailor sales strategies based on industry-specific needs and challenges.

  2. Prospect Research: The list can serve as a starting point for deeper company research. This can involve discovering company size, key decision-makers, recent developments or even specific issues they might be facing – all valuable information for personalized sales outreach.

  3. Solution Fit: If a sales team is offering a product or service complementary to BSmart's ecommerce capabilities – such as digital marketing, analytics, or customer relationship management (CRM) tools – this list provides ready-made prospects already comprehending the value of modern ecommerce solutions.

  4. Partnerships and collaborations: Companies utilizing BSmart might be open to forming partnerships or collaborations that can enhance their ecommerce operations, thus providing another potential avenue for sales approaches.

  5. Competitor Analysis: The list could also be useful for identifying competitor clientele, fostering understanding of who they're servicing and enabling more strategic positioning in the market.

In conclusion, the list of companies using BSmart can serve as a strong stepping stone for sales teams to identify, research, and engage potential leads effectively within the ecommerce ecosystem, ultimately helping them to boost their sales efforts with highly qualified prospects.

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