widget widget widget is a web application that allows website owners to integrate's hotel search engine into their own website. This widget enables users visiting the website to search for available hotels in their desired location, check prices, and make reservations directly from the website. The widget provides real-time availability and pricing information, making it convenient for users to find and book accommodation on the website without having to navigate away to another platform. As an affiliate member of, website owners can earn commission by integrating this widget and referring users to make bookings through it. This adds value to the website by offering an additional service to users while also providing an opportunity to generate revenue. Additionally, the widget is customizable, allowing website owners to adjust its appearance to fit seamlessly with their site design. Overall, integrating the widget enhances the user experience and monetization potential of a website.

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264 Companies using widget

Flair Airlines

Canada's independent Ultr..

391$44K - $8K$58K canada69%
Rossiya Airlines

380$4K - $21K$91K russian federa..90%
Global Travel Services

quality, service and prof..

14$21K - $9K$75K sweden51%

🚍 hong kong's first inte..

9$28K - $1K$80K hong kong78%

9$47K - $28K$87K netherlands56%
Blue Wings Travel And Tou..


14$38K - $25K$75K lebanon42%
ClickBus MĂ©xico

Conectamos viajeros con d..

16$28K - $3K$85K mexico61%
Webre Consulting

Client advocates: permitt..

5$32K - $33K$79K united states ..14%
Office de Tourisme de la ..

l'accueil est dans notre ..

7$7K - $28K$13K france15%
Green Parrot GmbH

5$47K - $6K$77K germany88%
The Five Foot Traveler

a travel website dedicate..

1$47K - $44K$73K united states ..3%
Falando de Viagem

Viaje no melhor conteĂşdo!..

7$3K - $31K$99K brazil7%

5$13K - $8K$94K poland92%
Victory Logistics Ltd.

10$37K - $9K$87K bulgaria56%

l'accueil est dans notre ..

4$48K - $18K$13K -14%

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How to use widget

As a website owner or affiliate member of, you can use the widget to display hotel rooms and other accommodations on your website. The widget is a customizable tool that allows you to search for hotels based on different criteria such as location, price, and rating.

To use the widget, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for the Affiliate Program if you are not already a member.
  2. Log in to your affiliate account and go to the "Widgets" section.
  3. Choose the type of widget you want to use, such as a "Search Box," "Map Widget," or "Top Deals Widget."
  4. Customize the widget according to your preferences, by selecting the language, colors, and size that best fit your website's design.
  5. Preview the widget to ensure it looks and functions correctly.
  6. Generate the widget code and copy it to your website's HTML code where you want the widget to appear.

Once the widget is installed on your website, your visitors can use it to search for available accommodation options and make bookings directly through your site. You will earn commissions on each successful booking made through your affiliate link.

Using the widget can be an effective way to monetize your website and provide valuable content to your users who are looking for travel accommodations. However, it's important to follow best practices when using affiliate marketing, such as disclosing your affiliation with and only promoting products and services that align with your website's niche and audience.

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