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Avada Boost Sales is a marketing tool designed to help online businesses increase their sales and revenue. It is a plugin that can be added to a website built on the popular WordPress platform.

The Avada Boost Sales plugin offers various features to help eCommerce businesses drive more sales, such as upselling and cross-selling options, discounts and coupons, countdown timers, and social proof notifications. These tools are designed to increase customer engagement, encourage them to spend more time on the website, and ultimately, make more purchases.

The upselling and cross-selling features allow businesses to suggest related or complementary products to their customers while they're browsing, increasing the chances of additional purchases. The discount and coupon options help incentivize customers to make a purchase by offering them a reduced price or a special promotion.

The plugin also includes countdown timers, which create a sense of urgency and can drive impulse purchases. Additionally, social proof notifications showcase real-time purchases or recent activity on the website, which can build trust with customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

Overall, Avada Boost Sales is a powerful marketing tool that helps online businesses improve their sales and revenue by creating a more engaging and personalized shopping experience for their customers.

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1,124 companies are currently using Avada Boost Sales



healthy conscious living

39 Employees$1K - $22K$88K united states ..35%Export
Pollyanna Brewing and Dis..

locally brewed, universal..

25 Employees$8K - $48K$81K united states ..66%Export

𝐍𝐮𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐨́𝐧 (𝐑𝐞..

31 Employees$18K - $29K$89K peru58%Export


6 Employees$23K - $25K$98K united states ..24%Export
Snack Amor

thoughtful, nutrient rich..

8 Employees$25K - $6K$70K india57%Export
Trout's Fly Fishing

20 Employees$37K - $49K$93K united states ..72%Export

improving the world's ind..

15 Employees$10K - $1K$77K united states ..29%Export

purveyor of hip, sustaina..

5 Employees$26K - $5K$70K united states ..90%Export
Sign of the Times

same day home collections..

34 Employees$26K - $45K$98K united kingdom..25%Export
Lifechart Ayurveda

lifechart is india’s firs..

9 Employees$8K - $17K$81K india95%Export

100% natural beauty produ..

42 Employees$17K - $48K$73K egypt69%Export

l'élégance à la française..

427 Employees$21K - $16K$93K france33%Export
Sidemen Clothing Ltd

official merchandise of t..

36 Employees$27K - $40K$75K united kingdom..61%Export
Little Hippo Books

inspire a lifelong love o..

10 Employees$11K - $17K$74K united states ..18%Export
Tad More Tailoring and Al..

Expect more from Tad More..

5 Employees$10K - $6K$83K united states ..32%Export

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Using Avada Boost Sales for finding leads

The list of companies using Avada Boost Sales is a valuable asset for sales teams seeking potential leads. Given that these organizations have already shown interest in leveraging technology to boost their sales, they present a promising target group for solutions aimed at enhancing e-commerce operations, conversion rates, and overall sales.

This selection of companies provides an existing market that appreciates and understands the importance of sales acceleration tools like Avada Boost Sales; they have actively chosen to use such a solution to spur their growth. Thus, they are more likely to be receptive to additional offerings that can further optimize their sales processes, build customer trust, or improve their overall performance.

Sales teams can use this list to conduct detailed research on these companies, gaining insights into their sales strategies, technology preferences, and pain points. These invaluable insights can guide the crafting of customized, highly targeted pitches ‒ increasing the likelihood of a positive response and conversion.

Moreover, this list could be a starting point for building industry-specific knowledge about how companies use sales boost tools. This information could be crucial for enhancing sales strategy, providing a competitive edge in the crowded market space.

In a nutshell, the list of companies employing Avada Boost Sales not only offers a ready market of potential leads but also provides extensive information for efficient, tailored lead generation. It's a treasure trove of opportunities that could deliver significant ROI for sales teams.

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