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Arena is a powerful engagement platform designed for digital publishers and broadcasters. One of its primary offerings is the Arena widget. It's an interactive communication medium that facilitates the integration of live blogs, live chats, and social content directly onto a website. By embedding this widget onto a site, publishers can foster real-time interaction among users, promoting engagement and increasing dwell time.

The technology behind the Arena widget is designed to facilitate live, interactive communication, thus creating a dynamic and interactive space for users to connect and interact. It uses modern web standards to ensure smooth performance and compatibility with various browsers and devices. That includes features like real-time updates, where new posts or messages can appear on the page without requiring a page reload.

Implementing the Arena widget into a website involves generating code snippets from the Arena platform, which are then embedded into the HTML of the site. The widget can be customized to adjust its appearance, size, and behavior to meet the specific needs of the website. The code can be inserted onto any webpage where the owner wants the real-time interaction to occur. Once in place, users can start engaging in real-time discussions or follow live blogs.

Furthermore, the Arena platform provides tools to manage and monitor interactions within the widget. Administrators can moderate content, block or mute users, and analyze user engagement across different channels. These features can help ensure a positive and productive environment for the community.

In summary, Arena and its widget capability are used for facilitating live and interactive discussions directly on a website, helping to foster a sense of community and increase user engagement. Whether fitting into a live blog format, chat stream, or social feed, it's a versatile tool that offers real-time, immediate engagement to a website's user base.

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3 companies are currently using Arena


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Community Bread

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Se7enline Radio

Radio Sosial Insan Muda

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Using Arena for finding leads

A collection of companies using Arena technology is an impeccable resource that can unveil high-value prospects for sales teams. The advantage of lists like this comes from Arena's unique selling points, like enabling embeddable live blogs directly on clients' websites. Therefore, companies utilizing Arena will likely be invested in disseminating real-time content and communicating effectively with their audience.

Sales teams can leverage this list in various ways:

  1. Identify Potential Needs: Companies on this list are likely prioritizing real-time audience engagement. A sales team with corresponding solutions can find leads who already see value in similar products.

  2. Target Communication: Such a list enables crafting of customized messages introspecting the pain points that Arena technology solves—enhancing click-through rates and conversions.

  3. Competitor Analysis: By studying the products and services that these companies offer, it can be ascertained where and how the team could position their product better, improving the odds of successful conversions.

  4. Predict Industry Trends: Spotting novel uses of the Arena platform across different companies could furnish clues to developing trends across various sectors, enhancing strategic decision-making based on industry shifts.

The beauty of a list of Arena-using companies is in its inherent relevance—sales teams pursuing leads from this document will be engaging with organizations acknowledging the importance of real-time interaction in the digital space. It's an opening into a corridor where the dialogue around real-time customer engagement has already begun. This preexisting awareness can expedite sales cycles and significantly increase the likelihood of deal closures.

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