AnswerDash is a platform that provides businesses with a question and answer solution to reduce support costs and understand customer needs. It enables customers to get quick and accurate answers to their questions by providing instant and contextual answers on a company's website or app. This saves customers time and frustration while reducing the workload of customer support teams. AnswerDash also collects data on common questions, allowing businesses to identify gaps in existing content and improve their customer self-service options. By using AnswerDash, businesses can increase customer satisfaction and retention rates as well as drive sales growth.

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35 Companies using AnswerDash


an online print and desig..

658$6K - $29K$54K united kingdom..12%
Robly Email Marketing

focus on your business, w..

22$26K - $19K$2M united states ..5%

peace of mind starts at t..

47$47K - $48K$76K united states ..93%

a.i. powered self-service..

1$2K - $19K$973 united states ..45%
Pete's RV Center

follow the yellow shirt!

91$30K - $44K$61K united states ..5%
Rent North East

multi award winning prope..

4$32K - $21K$6K united kingdom..83%
Talking Rain Beverage Com..

creating connections with..

466$2K - $6K$19K united states ..92%
PetHub, Inc.

your connection to everyt..

18$29K - $41K$63K united states ..82%

rne provide award winning..

3$39K - $19K$6K united kingdom..26%

cloudengage help you crea..

12$37K - $39K$67K united states ..90%

9$29K - $27K$57K united states ..15%
Junior's Cheesecake

"the world's most fabulou..

114$25K - $20K$90K united states ..48%

Hover sells domain names ..

6$8K - $31K$1M canada86%

24$27K - $8K$62K china86%
Cowles Ventures

"innovative investments i..

2$21K - $49K$95K united states ..54%

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How to use AnswerDash

AnswerDash is a powerful platform that enables businesses to provide on-demand, self-service support to their customers. Here are the steps to using AnswerDash:

  1. Sign up for an account: To get started with AnswerDash, go to their website and sign up for an account. You'll need to provide some basic information about your business and select a plan that suits your needs.

  2. Customize your Q&A Widgets: Once you have signed up, you can customize your Q&A widgets to match the branding of your website. This will help your customers feel like they are getting support directly from you instead of a third-party platform.

  3. Add the Q&A widgets to your website: After you customize your Q&A widgets, you can add them to your website by simply copying and pasting a small snippet of code into your site's HTML. You can add the widgets to as many pages as you like, and they will be seamlessly integrated into your site.

  4. Monitor customer questions and feedback: AnswerDash provides a dashboard where you can monitor customer questions and feedback in real-time. This allows you to identify common issues and improve your products or services accordingly.

  5. Optimize your Q&A content: Over time, you'll want to optimize your Q&A content to make it more effective at reducing support costs and improving customer satisfaction. AnswerDash provides analytics tools that allow you to see which questions are being asked most frequently and which ones are not getting answered.

By following these steps, you can leverage AnswerDash to provide excellent customer support while also reducing your support costs and gaining valuable insights into your customers' needs.

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