Algolia DocSearch
Algolia DocSearch

Algolia DocSearch is a search widget that provides a fast and relevant search experience for documentation websites. It allows users to quickly find the information they need by searching through all the content on a website, including titles, descriptions, and even code snippets. The widget is designed to be easy to set up and use, with a customizable interface that can be tailored to match the look and feel of a website. The search results are presented in an organized and user-friendly way, making it simple for users to find what they're looking for. One of the key features of Algolia DocSearch is its speed. It uses Algolia's powerful search engine technology to provide instantaneous search results, even when searching through large amounts of content. This means that users can quickly find the information they need without having to wait for pages to load or sift through irrelevant search results. Overall, Algolia DocSearch is a valuable tool for any documentation website that wants to provide its users with a fast and effective search experience.

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How to use Algolia DocSearch

You can use Algolia DocSearch to add a search feature to your documentation website. The following steps outline how to set it up:

  1. First, create an Algolia account if you don't already have one.

  2. Next, in the Algolia dashboard, click on the "DocSearch" tab and then click on the "Get started" button. Fill out the form that appears with information about your documentation website, including its URL and the name of the documentation.

  3. After submitting the form, Algolia will generate a configuration file for your website. Download this file and save it in your website's root directory.

  4. In your website's HTML code, add the Algolia DocSearch widget script tag just before the closing body tag:

    <script async src=""></script>
  5. Finally, initialize the Algolia DocSearch widget by calling the

    function with your configuration file as an argument. This should be done just before the closing body tag as well:

    <script> docsearch({ apiKey: 'YOUR_API_KEY', indexName: 'YOUR_INDEX_NAME', inputSelector: '#YOUR_SEARCH_BOX_SELECTOR', // ...other options }); </script>


    with the values provided in your configuration file. Also, replace
    with the CSS selector for the search box on your documentation website.

And that's it! Once you've added these code snippets to your website, you'll have an Algolia DocSearch widget up and running, allowing visitors to easily search your documentation.

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