AirRobe is a company that collaborates with brands and retailers to facilitate circular fashion. By working together, they aim to reduce waste in the fashion industry by encouraging the reuse, resale, and recycling of clothing items. AirRobe's technology enables customers to sell their gently worn clothes to other customers or consign them to partner retailers for resale. This helps to extend the life cycle of clothing, reducing the environmental impact associated with producing new clothes. Additionally, it allows customers to earn money from their unwanted clothes while also contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry. Overall, AirRobe's partnership model aims to promote a more circular economy by incentivizing the reuse and recycling of clothing, rather than the traditional linear model of "take, make, dispose."

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46 Companies using AirRobe

Outland Denim

good for humanity

16$34K - $24K$90K australia12%

creating communities, cur..

131$5K - $24K$291K australia12%
Sunset Lover

luxury australian fashion..

6$34K - $13K$92K australia80%

as beautifully original a..

5$15K - $8K$82K united states ..93%

22$26K - $10K$15K australia90%
Mode Sportif

17$22K - $11K$67K -89%

Effortless style with a u..

11$3K - $41K$72K australia90%
Texcoco Collective

ethically designed 'vegan..

1$47K - $30K$90K australia32%
Eat Your Water

Eat Your Water is an inde..

7$17K - $31K$22K australia70%
Bastet Noir

A custom-made clothing br..

5$16K - $16K$98K north macedoni..93%
Uniek Australia

melbourne-born, uniek off..

1$32K - $19K$2K australia92%
Goldie + Ace

creating durable, quality..

6$8K - $48K$67K australia92%

an australian label dedic..

4$45K - $13K$5K australia72%
The Fashion Advocate

the fashion advocate offe..

2$2K - $47K$7K australia100%
Love, Bonfire The Label

joy. colour. splendour.

4$41K - $31K$89K australia8%

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How to use AirRobe

AirRobe is an online platform that allows shoppers to buy and sell pre-loved and vintage fashion items. You can use AirRobe in two ways: as a seller or as a buyer.

As a seller, you can sign up on the AirRobe website and create a listing for your pre-loved or vintage fashion item. Once your listing is approved, it will be available for purchase by other users on the platform. You can set the price for the item and choose whether to ship it yourself or use AirRobe's shipping service. When someone purchases your item, you will receive payment minus AirRobe's commission fee.

As a buyer, you can browse AirRobe's collection of pre-loved and vintage fashion items by brand, category, size, color, and more. You can then purchase the items using a secure payment system. AirRobe offers competitive pricing for its items and ensures that all products are authentic and in good condition before they are listed on the platform.

Overall, using AirRobe is a great way to participate in the circular fashion economy by buying and selling pre-loved and vintage fashion items. By doing so, you can reduce waste and support sustainable fashion practices while still enjoying stylish and unique clothing options.

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