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AdOcean is a digital advertising platform that offers a wide range of solutions for managing and optimizing online ad campaigns. It provides tools for publishers, advertisers, and agencies to create, deliver and analyze display ads, mobile ads, video ads, native ads, and other types of digital advertising. AdOcean offers advanced targeting capabilities, including geo-targeting, behavioural targeting, contextual targeting, and retargeting to help advertisers reach their target audience more effectively. The platform also offers real-time reporting and analytics features to track the performance of ad campaigns and optimize them based on insights gained from data. Additionally, AdOcean has a user-friendly interface that allows users to manage multiple ad formats and campaigns in one place. AdOcean's goal is to provide a comprehensive solution for online advertising that optimizes campaign efficiency and effectiveness while reducing costs and increasing ROI.

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460 companies are currently using AdOcean



the most popular fashion,..

15 Employees$20K - $12K$58K serbia97%Export

specijalizovani sajt za o..

22 Employees$45K - $3K$91K serbia4%Export
logo Group

445 Employees$9K - $15K$73K poland15%Export

5 Employees$14K - $45K$87K romania35%Export
Halo oglasi

potreban vam je nov stan,..

17 Employees$33K - $19K$79K serbia23%Export
Revista Biz

biz agency înglobează rev..

17 Employees$31K - $42K$58K romania89%Export
Legia Warszawa S.A.

największy i najlepszy kl..

225 Employees$5K - $42K$74K poland19%Export
Newsweek România

newsweek românia. pentru ..

10 Employees$22K - $8K$64K romania55%Export
Legia Training Center

ltc is an innovative cent..

16 Employees$26K - $2K$79K poland3%Export

.týždeň ponúka mienkotvor..

15 Employees$26K - $45K$56K slovakia46%Export
Eesti Pagar

turning local ingredients..

21 Employees$19K - $47K$53K estonia7%Export
Vogue Polska

before it's in fashion, i..

55 Employees$3K - $44K$91K poland47%Export
Ukrlandfarming PLC

ми працюємо для того, щоб..

106 Employees$21K - $27K$77K ukraine74%Export

važno je gde kupujete teh..

330 Employees$23K - $19K$82K serbia4%Export
Telewizja Polsat sp. z o...

Teraz Ty rządzisz. Wybier..

705 Employees$29K - $3K$58K poland98%Export

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The curated list of companies that use AdOcean carries significant value for sales teams searching for quality leads. AdOcean is a popular technology in the spectrum of digital marketing solutions and companies employing it indicate a willingness to invest in advanced tools for their marketing endeavors.

This list provides a wealth of potential leads for businesses offering complementary services or solutions. Specific companies using AdOcean showcase an inclination towards innovation, efficiency, and a strategic approach to online advertising – traits that higher-value prospects often possess.

The following points outline how this list can supercharge a sales team's lead prospecting efforts:

  1. Focused Outreach: The list enables sales teams to concentrate their outreach efforts on organizations that are already invested in advanced advertising technology. These organizations may be open to further enhancing their marketing strategies with complementary tools or services.

  2. Tailored Communication: Armed with knowledge about a company's usage of AdOcean, sales representatives can tailor their communication and proposals to resonate with the specific needs and challenges these companies could be encountering.

  3. Competitive Advantage: This list gives sales teams an upper hand over competitors who may be prospecting blindly. This targeted approach fueled by insightful information results in more fruitful lead generation.

  4. Increased Efficiency: By knowing where to look and who to approach, sales teams save valuable time and resources. The efficacy of their outbound efforts improves, yielding a higher return on investment.

In essence, the list of companies using AdOcean importantly serves as a roadmap for sales teams, guiding them towards potentially high-value leads and enhancing their sales operations.

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