Companies using Zipkin

Zipkin is an open-source distributed tracing system that helps to troubleshoot latency issues in microservice-based architectures. It provides a way to trace requests across multiple services and provides insights into the time taken by each service to process the request. Zipkin consists of three main components:

1. Instrumentation library: This component is responsible for instrumenting the code in each service to capture trace data.

2. Collector: This component collects trace data from different services and persists it to a backend storage system.

3. UI: This component provides a web-based UI to visualize the trace data.

Zipkin uses a unique ID to track a request as it flows through different services. This ID is added to the headers of requests and propagated across all downstream services. The instrumentation library intercepts incoming requests and outgoing responses, adding timing information to the trace data that is then collected by the collector. The UI component allows developers to visualize the trace data and identify performance bottlenecks.

Zipkin supports various backends for storing trace data, including Elasticsearch, Cassandra, MySQL, and others.

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4,951 companies are currently using Zipkin


Regent Bank

the bank that believes in..

176 Employees$10K - $32K$65K united states ..18%Export

all-in-one product experi..

77 Employees$22K - $37K$68K united states ..71%Export
Agility Bank

a primarily digital, majo..

30 Employees$24K - $16K$68K united states ..95%Export
Royal Business Bank

your business is our busi..

195 Employees$45K - $41K$100K united states ..28%Export
Park State Bank

client-centric and innova..

75 Employees$17K - $16K$89K united states ..79%Export
Grove Bank & Trust

146 Employees$1K - $40K$64K united states ..69%Export
NYT Wirecutter

wirecutter is the best pr..

189 Employees$26K - $48K$88K united states ..64%Export
BNC National Bank

dedicated to providing ba..

490 Employees$47K - $28K$64K united states ..93%Export
United Texas Bank Dallas

we are the kind of bank p..

71 Employees$1K - $12K$55K united states ..31%Export
Sprig: Eat Well

15 Employees$44K - $9K$57K united states ..22%Export
Central Bank of Kansas Ci..

your city. your bank. ser..

47 Employees$34K - $44K$59K united states ..43%Export
Today’s Bank

hassle-free, worry-free s..

34 Employees$43K - $22K$51K united states ..78%Export
Greater Texas Credit Unio..

delivering a top-tier exp..

149 Employees$19K - $43K$74K united states ..75%Export
Brattleboro Savings & Loa..

put your money where your..

44 Employees$10K - $48K$92K united states ..2%Export
Bank of San Francisco

with you when it matters

58 Employees$28K - $6K$68K united states ..13%Export

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Using Zipkin for finding leads

This extensive list of companies utilizing Zipkin provides a valuable resource for sales teams seeking to find potential leads. It indicates firms that are aware of the significance of distributed tracing in service architecture, as exemplified by their use of Zipkin. This familiarity can streamline conversations, saving precious time in the sales cycle by avoiding the need to explain basic concepts.

By screening this list, sales teams can gauge which organizations value high-performance application monitoring. A suggested tactic may involve reaching out to companies on the list with product offerings that complement or enhance Zipkin's capabilities, or offer superior features. Most importantly, knowledge that a company uses Zipkin may be used for precision targeting: precautionary and personalized messages can address specific problems these companies might face with Zipkin or distribute tracing in general.

Moreover, this list also demonstrates industry trend-setter's choices for tracing solutions, which can be tapped to respond to wider market needs. Organizations that adopt early are typically forward-thinking, making them potentially great leads for pioneering product lines, potentially resulting in more successful conversions.

Finally, companies on this list may also reveal new market segments or sectors not previously considered. The diversity of industry sectors on the list may inspire innovative and unique cross-sector sales strategies. Thus, besides lead prospecting, this list can yield insights that can inform and enhance sales strategy in a broader context.

In essence, this list is a veritable gold mine of insights and opportunities for proactive sales teams. It paves the way to targeted lead prospecting, fine-tuned sales messaging, strategic planning and intelligence, and a more efficient sales process overall.

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