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Matomo Analytics is a free and open-source web analytics tool that helps website owners to track and analyze their website's visitor activity. It runs on PHP/MySQL web-server, enabling it to collect visitor data such as page views, clicks, and visitors' geolocations.

Matomo offers features such as real-time visitor tracking, customizable dashboards, goal conversion tracking, heat mapping, and A/B testing. It also provides detailed reports on user behavior, including information on the number of unique visitors, bounce rates, and time spent on pages.

One of the significant benefits of Matomo is its open-source nature, which allows developers to modify and customize the code to meet specific business needs. Additionally, its self-hosted model gives website owners complete control over their data, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR.

Overall, Matomo Analytics offers website owners insights into their website's performance based on their visitors' behavior, helping them make data-driven decisions to improve their sites.

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461,987 companies are currently using Matomo Analytics


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Using Matomo Analytics for finding leads

The list of companies employing Matomo Analytics offers a valuable resource for several reasons:

  1. Insight into company preferences: This list provides insights into the type of companies leaning toward open-source solutions for web analytics, hinting at their preferences for customizable, privacy-friendly tools.
  2. Lead targeting: These companies may have a preference for high-quality, self-hosted solutions, presenting a potential interest in similar technologies.
  3. Cross-Selling Opportunities: If a sales team's offering includes products or solutions that can complement or enhance the usage of Matomo Analytics, these companies may be prime prospects.

This list can significantly assist sales teams in establishing lucrative business connections:

  1. Accurate Lead Generation: The list offers an accurate picture of each company’s technological inclination, facilitating lead generation efforts.
  2. Focused campaigns: Sales teams can use this information to run targeted marketing campaigns, refining their messaging to meet the specific needs and challenges of these businesses.
  3. Effective Communication: Understanding a company’s tech stack is an excellent way to drive meaningful conversations, fostering relationships built on relevancy and value.

By exploring the list of companies using Matomo Analytics, sales teams can not only identify potential leads but can also understand the technological landscape of their market, helping them to pitch their offerings more effectively and close deals more efficiently.

Make your sales data-driven.

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