Linkedin Insight Tag
Companies using Linkedin Insight Tag

LinkedIn Insight Tag is a JavaScript tag that enables website owners to track the performance of their ads and understand their website audience demographics. It is a lightweight tag that can be easily added to a website's header using Google Tag Manager or directly on the website code. The tag allows for conversion tracking, which helps measure the success of LinkedIn ad campaigns, and provides insights into how users interact with a website after clicking on an ad.

The Insight Tag also provides demographic data about a website's visitors, such as job title, industry, company size, and location, which can be used to optimize ad targeting and create more personalized campaigns. This information can be accessed through LinkedIn Campaign Manager, where advertisers can view performance metrics for their ad campaigns and audiences.

Overall, the LinkedIn Insight Tag is a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve the effectiveness of their LinkedIn advertising by providing valuable demographic and conversion data.

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400,971 companies are currently using Linkedin Insight Tag


Altinity, Inc.

run clickhouse anywhere w..

39 Employees$38K - $17K$53K united states ..36%Export

property management made ..

28 Employees$39K - $21K$90K france37%Export
AdQuick, the easiest ..

33 Employees$45K - $49K$72K united states ..55%Export

building a better map, to..

33 Employees$21K - $27K$53K united states ..39%Export
VeeOne Health

your one virtual care pla..

67 Employees$33K - $10K$52K united states ..82%Export

giving legal teams superp..

38 Employees$35K - $12K$60K united states ..60%Export

a leader in total financi..

56 Employees$29K - $49K$84K united states ..97%Export
Acalvio Technologies

active defense using pate..

74 Employees$45K - $36K$76K united states ..13%Export

the #1 crm, workflow auto..

58 Employees$44K - $18K$88K united states ..53%Export

when the right people con..

17 Employees$9K - $28K$98K belgium36%Export

the ai-powered team trans..

97 Employees$10K - $49K$56K united states ..56%Export

we’re molo, and we make b..

48 Employees$17K - $21K$62K united kingdom..67%Export
Algolytics Technologies

next generation predictiv..

19 Employees$36K - $42K$68K poland81%Export
Conservation X Labs

reinventing conservation ..

45 Employees$33K - $39K$51K united states ..51%Export

ai-powered contact center..

78 Employees$10K - $33K$55K united states ..54%Export

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Using Linkedin Insight Tag for finding leads

The list of companies using LinkedIn Insight Tag offers substantial value for sales teams seeking qualified leads. As LinkedIn Insight Tag is employed for conversion tracking, website audiences, and website demographics, companies utilizing this tool place a high importance on advanced data analytics and fully capitalizing on their digital presence. That information can be instrumental in crafting informed sales strategies.

By exploring this list, sales professionals can identify businesses that uphold the importance of leveraging data to make data-driven decisions. This can help in positioning tailored solutions that align with the same value proposition, thus increasing the possibility of higher conversion rates.

This list also aids in understanding the competitive landscape within various industries. Gaining insights into what kind of companies are the current users can guide sales teams in deciphering prevailing trends, allowing them to adapt their sales tactics and course-correct if needed.

Moreover, the identification of companies using LinkedIn Insight Tag can foster better networking connections. The likelihood of these companies attending or being represented at digital marketing conferences, industry-specific meetings, and digital transformation summits is high. Sales teams can use this list to be proactive in their networking efforts and spark conversations that have the potential to lead to sales conversions.

In essence, the list of companies using LinkedIn Insight Tag can serve as a valuable resource for sales teams as they work to identify, engage, and convert promising leads in the competitive digital space.

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