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Moat is a digital ad analytics tool that helps marketers and advertisers measure the effectiveness of their online advertising campaigns. It was founded in 2010 and acquired by Oracle in 2017.

Moat uses proprietary technology to track and measure the performance of digital ads across various platforms, such as desktop and mobile devices. It provides real-time insights into key metrics such as viewability, engagement, and attention, which can help advertisers improve their ROI and optimize their ad spend.

Moat also offers advanced features like cross-device tracking and brand safety monitoring, which enable advertisers to ensure that their ads are being shown to the right audience in a safe and appropriate environment. This is particularly important given the rise of ad fraud and concerns around brand safety in recent years.

Overall, Moat is a powerful tool that enables advertisers to gain valuable insights into the performance of their digital ads and make data-driven decisions to optimize their campaigns.

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20,981 companies are currently using Moat



autonomous transportation..

118 Employees$28K - $45K$50K united states ..15%Export
Drive My Way

we are making hiring pers..

33 Employees$43K - $17K$95K united states ..3%Export
Hunter Dunning Ltd

property recruitment spec..

14 Employees$20K - $4K$82K united kingdom..62%Export

drive value from video su..

138 Employees$17K - $36K$94K united states ..25%Export
Raise3D Technologies

pioneering flexible manuf..

59 Employees$6K - $11K$95K united states ..93%Export
Avive Solutions Inc.

giving you the power to s..

77 Employees$16K - $44K$64K united states ..22%Export
Amy Cell Talent

we love listening and par..

33 Employees$50K - $40K$59K united states ..45%Export
Forager Project

come forage with us.

49 Employees$7K - $11K$60K united states ..91%Export

branch helps businesses a..

194 Employees$49K - $11K$60K united states ..60%Export
Nauticus Robotics, Inc.

transforming the way work..

87 Employees$12K - $38K$83K united states ..35%Export
Legacy MEDSearch

make a difference. leave ..

36 Employees$17K - $20K$80K united states ..55%Export
International Search Cons..

top 1% most recommended r..

41 Employees$2K - $42K$64K united states ..54%Export
PeerNova Inc

peernova’s mission is to ..

45 Employees$11K - $46K$53K united states ..67%Export

heliogen is a renewable e..

191 Employees$37K - $29K$88K united states ..45%Export
Ocean's Halo

new frontier foods inc.

28 Employees$49K - $42K$93K united states ..18%Export

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Using Moat for finding leads

This list of companies using Moat, a leading digital ad analytics tool, serves as a rich resource for sales teams looking for potential leads. Being aware of the companies that use this tool to manage their digital ad campaigns offers a significant competitive advantage.

Understanding which businesses utilize Moat can illustrate the scale and diversity of its application, indicating how critical and robust the tool is. It provides insights into companies' growing interest in refining their digital advertising strategies, which could be an enticing factor for businesses offering relevant supporting technologies, upgrades, or consulting services to these firms.

Sales teams can leverage this list in multiple ways:

  1. Targeted Prospecting: Companies on this list are investing in high-quality digital ad analytics. They are also likely to be open to exploring other complementary solutions that enhance their advertising effectiveness or their analysis capacity.

  2. Personalized Outreach: Knowing that a company uses Moat can inform the sales strategy, allowing for more personalized and relevant outreach. Sales teams can tailor their approach to provide solutions that can integrate with or augment Moat's capabilities.

  3. Segmentation: The variety of companies using Moat may range across different industries, sizes, and locales. Sales teams can segment the list based on these parameters to focus on a specific niche or sector where their products or services may have a higher demand.

  4. Identifying Trends: Analysing the list of companies using Moat can help identify market trends related to digital advertising and analytics, guiding future product development and sales strategies.

Thus, armed with this list, sales teams can approach prospecting with greater clarity, precision and success, targeting businesses that understand the importance of advanced digital ad analytics and consequently, might be open to additional solutions that can further enhance their advertising strategies.

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