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Companies using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google that allows website owners to track and analyze their website's traffic. It is a free service that provides valuable insights about the visitors who come to your site, how they interact with it, and what they do when they are on it.

The tool uses a tracking code that is added to the website's HTML code, which collects data on user behavior such as the number of visitors, page views, bounce rates, session duration, and more. This data is then compiled and presented in easy-to-understand reports that allow website owners to better understand their audience and optimize their website accordingly.

Google Analytics provides a wealth of information about website performance, including where visitors are coming from (geographically and through which channels), which pages are most popular, and which pages have the highest bounce rates. This information can help website owners make informed decisions about content creation, advertising, and website design.

Overall, Google Analytics is an essential tool for any website owner or marketer looking to gain a deeper understanding of their website's performance and user behavior. Its powerful features and ease of use make it a must-have for anyone looking to improve their online presence.

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8,177,132 companies are currently using Google Analytics


Health iPASS Inc.

better check-ins, better ..

41 Employees$1K - $13K$82K united states ..63%Export
Hyatus Stays

hyatus stays offers tenan..

37 Employees$37K - $47K$98K united states ..6%Export

unlocking tiktok & influe..

82 Employees$38K - $34K$90K united states ..71%Export
Altinity, Inc.

run clickhouse anywhere w..

39 Employees$22K - $15K$69K united states ..13%Export

catch battery defects in ..

39 Employees$30K - $22K$81K united states ..100%Export
AdQuick, the easiest ..

33 Employees$6K - $36K$100K united states ..36%Export
New Columbia Solar

energize locally

53 Employees$29K - $42K$85K united states ..47%Export

we simplify enterprise cl..

68 Employees$40K - $44K$75K united states ..9%Export
VeeOne Health

your one virtual care pla..

67 Employees$15K - $24K$51K united states ..27%Export

kukun's proprietary real ..

73 Employees$46K - $43K$88K united states ..53%Export
HomeTown Ticketing, Inc

HomeTown Ticketing is the..

167 Employees$46K - $14K$56K united states ..30%Export
Summit Casing Equipment

15 Employees$50K - $7K$93K united states ..91%Export

nvenue is a micro-betting..

18 Employees$20K - $26K$59K united states ..58%Export

real benefits for real li..

94 Employees$38K - $6K$58K united states ..71%Export
Mozart Data

the modern data platform ..

28 Employees$32K - $50K$72K united states ..81%Export

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Using Google Analytics for finding leads

Presented here is a valuable list of companies leveraging Google Analytics, a prominent web analytics service. This comprehensive catalog serves as a practical instrument in locating business prospects aligned with various organizational mandates.

Sales teams can gain multiple benefits from accessing this list. Firstly, it helps in identifying potential leads that already show some interest in data analytics, suggesting an opening to offer complimentary or more advanced solutions.

Another excellent source of value from this list comes from the opportunity for market research. By analyzing and understanding how existing companies use Google Analytics, sales teams can derive insights into industry standards and common use cases. This understanding can aid in shaping their product pitches or aligning their solutions with market requirements.

Moreover, these companies may not be using the full potential of their Google Analytics suite, presenting an opportunity for sales teams to offer services that can help optimize the usage of Google Analytics.

An additional potential benefit lies in the ability to find companies dissatisfied with Google Analytics' limitations, unlocking potential leads who might be searching for alternative solutions.

In short, a well-curated list consisting of companies utilizing Google Analytics can be a powerful resource for sales teams to find and engage with potential leads actively.

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