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ZestMoney is an Indian fintech company that offers a digital EMI (Equated Monthly Installments) service, allowing customers to make purchases without needing a credit card or having a pre-existing credit score. The platform provides consumers with instant access to credit at the point of sale, making it easy for them to purchase products and services they need.

ZestMoney's service is available across various e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, Flipkart, and many other online retailers. Customers simply need to select ZestMoney as their payment option at checkout, and the platform will assess their eligibility and provide them with a loan amount and repayment plan tailored to their needs. These repayment plans typically span from 3 to 12 months, with interest rates varying depending on the customer's risk profile.

One of the key advantages of ZestMoney is its ability to cater to individuals who do not have a credit history or credit score, giving them access to credit that would otherwise be unavailable to them. The company also claims to offer quick and hassle-free approvals, with most applications being processed within minutes.

In summary, ZestMoney is a digital EMI platform that allows customers to make purchases without requiring a credit card or credit score. Its innovative solution enables more people to access credit and finance their purchases, contributing to financial inclusion in India.

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70 companies are currently using ZestMoney


Urban Plants™

india's first gardening h..

40 Employees$12K - $15K$73K india68%Export
Arcatron Mobility Private..

reinventing assisted livi..

62 Employees$8K - $5K$78K india3%Export

online courses for your c..

25 Employees$26K - $36K$98K india46%Export

a mobility solutions comp..

35 Employees$24K - $39K$79K india81%Export
Wheelstreet - Bike Rental..

17 Employees$17K - $33K$77K india2%Export

women ethnic wear

39 Employees$12K - $19K$92K india48%Export

ptron, a youth-oriented b..

54 Employees$16K - $5K$93K india53%Export
Voltrix Mobility

manufacturers of finest e..

12 Employees$10K - $31K$55K india4%Export

do more everyday

9 Employees$20K - $34K$70K india60%Export
Hornback E-Mobility

for better

6 Employees$36K - $8K$51K india15%Export
Vaagmi World Fashion & Li..

handcrafted solutions for..

3 Employees$39K - $8K$91K india75%Export
TCCPL (Harfun)

a new-age apparel brand o..

9 Employees$13K - $4K$63K india49%Export
A2 Cricket

India's Premium Cricket B..

4 Employees$2K - $24K$75K india29%Export

5 Employees$5K - $39K$56K india53%Export
Vinod Cookware

india’s revolutionary coo..

51 Employees$49K - $39K$77K india62%Export

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Using ZestMoney for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing ZestMoney provides a curated selection of potential leads for sales teams. ZestMoney, as a disruptive fintech solution, enables EMI transactions without the need for a credit card or credit score, showcasing a group of forward-thinking companies that are maximizing technology to better engage with their customer base.

This list offers several benefits:

  1. Fintech Engagement: Companies using ZestMoney demonstrate an active interest in and comfort with fintech products. This indicates potential openness to other technology-driven finance or payment solutions, providing a niche market segment for sales teams in the fintech space.
  2. Consumer-focused Entities: These companies evidently prioritize customer financial accessibility. Firms that offer customer-centric products or services can identify potential leads within this pool.
  3. Digital Innovation: Adoption of ZestMoney reflects a commitment to utilizing the latest digital technologies to execute transactions. This makes those companies an attractive target for sales teams marketing other innovative digital products and services.
  4. Emerging Markets Potential: ZestMoney addresses a specific need in emerging markets, providing EMI services to those without access to traditional credit avenues. Sales teams working on market expansion into these territories might find potential leads in this list.

To understand how this list can benefit sales teams, consider this: The essence of effective lead prospecting is identifying businesses that are likely to be interested in a product or service based on their existing habits and preferences. This list of ZestMoney-using companies hand-delivers a set of businesses already immersed in the fintech world, keenly consumer-driven, and committed to digital innovation. It's an invaluable shortcut to locating those businesses most likely to respond positively to pitches from like-minded organizations.

In essence, this list becomes a targeted prospecting tool that sales teams can leverage to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness.

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