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Tabby is a Buy now pay later solution based in the Middle East. It allows users to make purchases and pay for them later in installments, without any interest or fees. Tabby integrates with various online stores and offers instant approval and checkout, quick and easy payment scheduling, and a user-friendly interface. Tabby also provides customers with purchase protection, fraud prevention, and secure transactions.

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759 companies are currently using Tabby



uncover property insights..

34 Employees$26K - $25K$61K netherlands68%Export
Children's Hospice South ..

providing palliative, res..

149 Employees$3K - $28K$93K united kingdom..36%Export

elevate people’s lives th..

534 Employees$29K - $17K$66K indonesia73%Export
Crafter | The Crafter's B..

for those that love to ma..

12 Employees$26K - $17K$69K united states ..9%Export
Lucas Fox International P..

spain's leader in home sa..

274 Employees$19K - $46K$90K spain90%Export
Paramount Business Jets

worlwide private jet char..

27 Employees$44K - $49K$99K united states ..1%Export
The Heritage Foundation

building an america where..

627 Employees$43K - $36K$87K united states ..2%Export
Worth Avenue Yachts

the future of the yachtin..

53 Employees$5K - $31K$98K united states ..95%Export
Valeo Health ME

feel your best

45 Employees$19K - $34K$82K united arab em..13%Export

a full-service commercial..

431 Employees$4K - $34K$80K united states ..81%Export
Leigh Day

justice for all

708 Employees$38K - $22K$88K united kingdom..35%Export
SFMOMA San Francisco Muse..

dedicated to making the a..

486 Employees$34K - $1K$79K united states ..76%Export

the experts you’ll enjoy ..

1,651 Employees$12K - $17K$73K united states ..36%Export

garantiert antibiotikafre..

10 Employees$38K - $8K$74K switzerland43%Export

the #1 file handling serv..

12 Employees$14K - $17K$86K united states ..57%Export

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Using Tabby for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing Tabby, a sought-after 'Buy Now, Pay Later' solution from the Middle East, presents a unique source of information and opportunity for sales teams. The primary value of the list lies in its ability to provide a targeted, diverse set of entities that are actively invested in streamlining the purchasing process for their customers.

By observing the actions of these companies, sales teams can gain insights into industry trends, financial practices, and consumer preferences. The list can serve as a tool for competitive analysis and strategic sales planning. It might reveal growth industries, new markets, and potential verticals that have been overlooked.

In addition, the list's focus on companies using Tabby gives an indication of their financial agility and forward-thinking methodologies. This trait can be advantageous for sales teams, indicating a company's willingness to adopt novel technologies or partner with innovative service providers.

The companies in this list are also likely to value financial flexibility, customer convenience, and smooth transactions - key insight for tailoring sales pitches or designing solutions. By highlighting these companies' interest in customer-centric, frictionless transactions, the list can offer a stepping stone for strategizing empathetic and effective sales approaches.

Moreover, if a sales team is offering a complementary product or service, or an improved version of 'Buy Now, Pay Later' services, this list concentrates the efforts, saving both time and resources, by pinpointing the companies already understanding and valuing such services.

Therefore, by leveraging this goldmine of information, sales teams can identify, understand, and target potential leads more efficiently and effectively, potentially translating into significant sales growth.

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