Afterpay is a financial technology company that offers a "buy now, pay later" platform to consumers. This platform allows shoppers to purchase goods and services upfront and then pay them off in four equal instalments over a period of six weeks. Afterpay charges no interest or fees so long as the payments are made on time. The idea behind Afterpay is that it provides an alternative to traditional credit cards and loans. Instead of taking out a loan or paying with a credit card, consumers can pay for their purchases in small instalments without incurring any additional charges. This can make it easier for people to budget their spending and avoid going into debt. Afterpay's platform is integrated with various online and in-store retailers, making it easy for consumers to use the service when shopping. To use Afterpay, customers simply select the option at checkout and provide some basic personal information. Afterpay then performs a quick credit check before approving the transaction. Overall, Afterpay represents a new way of thinking about consumer finance. By offering a simple, transparent payment system, it has become increasingly popular among millennials and other younger consumers who prefer to avoid traditional credit options.

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7,224 Companies using Afterpay


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How to use Afterpay

Afterpay is a simple and convenient way to manage your spending by allowing you to make purchases and pay them off in four equal instalments over a period of eight weeks. Here's how to use Afterpay:

Step 1: Sign up for an account To use Afterpay, you'll need to create an account on their website or app. The process is quick and easy and only requires basic personal information.

Step 2: Shop at participating stores After you've created an account, you can start shopping at any of the participating retailers that accept Afterpay as a payment option. You'll see the option to pay with Afterpay during checkout.

Step 3: Choose Afterpay at checkout When you're ready to make a purchase, select Afterpay as your payment method. You'll be asked to log into your account and confirm your purchase details.

Step 4: Make your payments Afterpay will automatically deduct the first of your four instalments from your nominated debit or credit card when you make your purchase. The remaining three payments will be deducted fortnightly over the next six weeks.

Step 5: Manage your payments You can manage your Afterpay payments through your account dashboard. You'll be able to see when your next payment is due and how much you owe. If you need to change your payment method or payment date, you can do so through your account settings.

Step 6: Pay off your balance early You can choose to pay off your Afterpay balance early if you'd like to. Simply log into your account and select the 'Pay Now' button. Keep in mind that there may be fees involved for early repayment, so it's important to check the terms and conditions before doing so.

Overall, Afterpay can be a convenient way to manage your spending and make larger purchases more manageable. It's important to keep track of your payments and ensure that you have enough funds available in your nominated account to avoid any late fees or charges. As always, it's important to shop responsibly and only spend what you can afford to pay back.

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