PayPal Credit
Companies using PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit is a payment option that allows users to pay for their online purchases over time using a reusable line of credit. This means that instead of paying the full amount upfront, users can make payments in installments with interest applied. Users can apply for PayPal Credit during checkout at participating online retailers and may receive a credit decision within seconds. Once approved, users can immediately use PayPal Credit to complete their purchase. PayPal Credit also offers promotional financing options for certain purchases, such as zero-interest if paid in full within a certain timeframe. Users can manage their PayPal Credit account online, view their balance and payment history, and make payments towards their outstanding balance.

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21,643 companies are currently using PayPal Credit


Earth Animal

preserving and enhancing ..

78 Employees$7K - $1K$62K united states ..8%Export
Revo Foods

the future of seafood

38 Employees$31K - $22K$91K austria50%Export

weare8 is a social ecosys..

103 Employees$32K - $40K$79K united kingdom..24%Export
Christopher Ward

we are an english-swiss w..

71 Employees$25K - $20K$77K united kingdom..42%Export
Tipsy Elves

we make the world's most ..

49 Employees$3K - $16K$84K united states ..25%Export

vous pouvez sauver une vi..

53 Employees$37K - $42K$69K france97%Export
eKuore Medical Devices

ekuore medical devices, i..

8 Employees$44K - $47K$73K spain71%Export

🌎🦷 meet willo, the firs..

46 Employees$42K - $22K$71K belgium45%Export

the #1 choice retailer of..

28 Employees$29K - $4K$83K united states ..1%Export
Kreyol Essence, LLC.

first haitian company to ..

22 Employees$31K - $28K$67K united states ..86%Export
Design Italy

online e-tailer showcasti..

16 Employees$19K - $3K$99K italy72%Export

the leading online source..

97 Employees$17K - $6K$91K united states ..52%Export
Shelving Inc.

we rack your world.

36 Employees$5K - $41K$79K united states ..34%Export
AQai - Adaptability Asses..

transforming the way peop..

95 Employees$1K - $44K$61K united kingdom..10%Export

things for kids you'll lo..

28 Employees$32K - $2K$88K united kingdom..91%Export

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Using PayPal Credit for finding leads

This list provides a comprehensive grouping of companies leveraging PayPal Credit, an innovative financial tool that enables online purchases to be paid over time. Offering unique insights into businesses capitalizing on this modern line of credit mechanism, this list has manifold values for individuals in the sales industry.

Representing a consolidated view of firms utilizing PayPal Credit, it is an invaluable intelligence resource that facilitates lead identification and qualification. This list negates the need for lengthy research into organizations, their technological preferences, and payment strategies.

By highlighting the companies embracing PayPal Credit, a sales team gains a direct path to potential leads that understand and appreciate the convenience and flexibility of digital payment mechanisms. This list can act as an avenue to tailor a sales pitch highlighting the benefits of services or products that complement the use of PayPal Credit, efficiently boosting the chances of a positive response.

Such a catalogue of companies will also enable sales teams to construct a more targeted prospecting strategy, concentrating resources on leads already demonstrated open-mindedness towards leveraging digital credit services like PayPal Credit. It may lead to higher conversion rates, thereby optimizing sales efforts.

By focusing on businesses using this technology, sales professionals can identify characteristics or traits shared by these companies, creating an ideal buyer persona. This persona can guide future prospecting strategies, streamlining the process of locating new potential leads and reducing time spent on less likely prospects.

On a broader level, viewing trends and patterns in the adoption and usage of PayPal Credit across the market can also help sales professionals anticipate industry changes and adapt strategies effectively.

To summarise, this list of companies using PayPal Credit can serve as a vital tool for sales teams in their quest for lead generation, offering both strategic oversight and detailed exposure to potential new business connections.

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