Atome is a brand that offers a convenient payment option for users to purchase products online and pay for them in monthly installments. This service allows customers to spread out their payments over time instead of paying the full amount upfront. The payment process is straightforward, where customers can choose Atome as a payment method at checkout and create an account or log in to their existing account. Once the payment plan is set up, customers can make their first payment at the time of purchase and then pay the remaining balance in equal installments over several months. Atome charges no interest fees, which means customers will only pay the product's original price in several payments. This payment option provides flexibility to users who may not have the funds available to pay the full amount upfront.

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340 Companies using Atome

Osakakuma SG

beauty and lifestyle cura..

11$48K - $15K$90K singapore95%

Seating the future

8$10K - $6K$99K malaysia66%
Pestle & Mortar Clothing

A storytelling Malaysian ..

18$26K - $29K$28K malaysia99%
By Invite Only Jewellery

jewellery for every occas..

26$27K - $18K$77K singapore71%
Porcelain Pte Ltd

art of skin refinement

23$41K - $17K$4K singapore84%
HAVVA Agrotech Sdn Bhd

our vision is to enable e..

10$48K - $26K$598 malaysia85%
Jewel Coffee

jewel coffee is a special..

5$10K - $36K$60K singapore81%

Athleisure, made to move...

4$35K - $23K$58K singapore80%

get connected to services..

5$9K - $11K$76K singapore28%

making delicious coffees ..

19$36K - $34K$33K singapore83%
Sigi Skin

a local award-winning ski..

13$47K - $40K$74K singapore22%

we are born to make snack..

16$17K - $46K$74K singapore65%
VisionPal (#500 GLSF B4)

visionpal, the app that k..

7$44K - $18K$91K singapore59%

trailblazers of singapore..

6$16K - $49K$1K singapore86%

drinkaid aims to revoluti..

4$46K - $16K$73K singapore68%

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How to use Atome

Atome is a payment service that enables customers to buy products online and pay for them in installments. As a user, you can use Atome to purchase items from partner stores that offer the service. Here are the steps to using Atome:

  1. Find a store that offers Atome as a payment option - Look for stores that have the Atome logo on their website or look for Atome's list of partner merchants on their website.

  2. Add items to your cart - Once you've found a store that uses Atome, add the items you want to buy to your shopping cart.

  3. Choose Atome as the payment option - During checkout, select Atome as your payment option. You will be redirected to the Atome payment page to complete the payment process.

  4. Create an Atome account or log in - If you don't have an Atome account, you'll need to create one before you can make a payment. If you already have an account, you can log in to complete your purchase.

  5. Verify your mobile number - To use Atome, you need to verify your mobile number. This is done by entering a code that Atome sends to your phone via SMS.

  6. Complete the payment - Once you've verified your mobile number, you can choose the installment plan that suits you best and complete the payment process. Your first payment will be taken at the time of purchase, and subsequent payments will be automatically deducted from your bank account each month.

With Atome, you can spread out the cost of your purchases and avoid paying everything upfront. It's a convenient way to manage your finances and make purchases without breaking the bank.

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