Companies using Yoori


Yoori is a technology platform that enables ecommerce businesses to create their own online stores through a Progressive Web App (PWA) Content Management System (CMS). One of the unique features of Yoori is its ability to integrate with multiple vendors, allowing businesses to sell a variety of products from different suppliers on a single platform.

As a PWA, Yoori optimizes the user experience by providing fast loading speeds, offline access, and seamless navigation across devices. This means that customers can easily browse and purchase products from their desktop computer or mobile device without any lag or interruption in service.

The CMS aspect of Yoori allows businesses to manage their online store's content, including product listings, pricing, and promotional offers. Additionally, Yoori includes built-in analytics tools for monitoring sales data and customer behavior, enabling businesses to make informed decisions about their marketing strategies.

Overall, Yoori offers ecommerce businesses a comprehensive solution for creating and managing their online stores. By leveraging PWA technology and multi-vendor integration, Yoori provides an optimized and versatile ecommerce platform for businesses looking to expand their online presence.

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14 companies are currently using Yoori


Bongalos 24 Group

cameroon's no 1 online sh..

5 Employees$18K - $33K$98K cameroon92%Export
Dozen Price Enterprices

dozen price is an online ..

2 Employees$36K - $29K$92K nigeria86%Export
Dozen Price Enterprises

we an online shopping pla..

4 Employees$45K - $43K$67K nigeria61%Export
Tijara Tech

smart trade starts with t..

3 Employees$4K - $14K$90K türkiye34%Export

bangladeshi first sports ..

2 Employees$35K - $5K$79K bangladesh25%Export

india’s 1st digital shops..

1 Employees$1K - $37K$56K india60%Export

the easiest way to shop f..

3 Employees$11K - $29K$54K montenegro63%Export

3 Employees$20K - $11K$88K qatar9%Export
Trende Bangladesh

trende bangladesh is a le..

1 Employees$23K - $32K$94K bangladesh76%Export
Solar Market Nigeria

Go Green, Go Solar, Go Sm..

3 Employees$28K - $19K$85K nigeria55%Export

Digital Media Company tha..

3 Employees$29K - $6K$60K indonesia24%Export
Jasapara Sports Equipment..

1 Employees$28K - $7K$90K united arab em..1%Export
Classic Eco Friendl Bags

- Employees$12K - $28K$85K india74%Export

a trusted digital platfor..

- Employees$7K - $41K$65K gabon6%Export

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Using Yoori for finding leads

Harnessing the power of the list of companies using Yoori - a multi-vendor PWA ecommerce CMS - can provide an immense potential for sales teams. By accessing this list, sales teams can comprehend the breadth of industries adopting and benefiting from this technology. This implies a high potential user base in terms of B2B revenue.

The list serves as a directory, holding key insights about company size, location, and industry. Therefore, utilizing this resource, sales teams can identify potential leads that best fit their products or services. This opportunity helps narrow down the vast pool of prospects and enables tailored sales strategies.

Imagine a business offering complementary technologies or services targeted at ecommerce vendors. This thorough list would instantly provide valuable leads. In contrast, if a sales team is peddling innovative solutions, these are the companies already vested in cutting-edge ecommerce technologies and hence, more likely to be interested in supplemental innovations.

Moreover, companies adopting Yoori demonstrate an ambition to stay ahead with technology, implying potential interest in upgrades, consultations, or top-quality customer service. This list can guide sales teams towards these dynamic companies that are more likely to be interested in innovative solutions or services.

In addition, certain trends or patterns might become apparent through the analysis of the list. For instance, if a significant number of businesses from specific industries are prevalent, it might indicate a high demand within those sectors for such a solution. Consequently, sales teams can sharpen their focus on these lucrative industries.

To summarize, the list of companies using Yoori can help sales teams find leads in several ways:

  1. Better understand the potential user base and the types of companies investing in such technologies
  2. Identify patterns and trends among companies opting for Yoori
  3. Discover businesses likely to be open to innovative solutions, making them strong candidates for product pitches
  4. Tailor sales strategies for target industries, geographic regions, or company size

Utilizing this list, sales teams can direct their efforts effectively, saving time, and enhancing productivity. As the adage goes, "work smarter, not harder." The value of this list truly encapsulates that ethos.

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