Yandex SmartCaptcha
Companies using Yandex SmartCaptcha

Yandex SmartCaptcha is a service that verifies queries to distinguish between human users and bots. It uses an AI-based algorithm to analyze user behavior, such as mouse movements and clicks, to determine whether the query is being sent by a human or a bot. If the system deems the query suspicious, it prompts the user with additional challenges to further ensure that they are not a bot. This technology helps prevent unwanted spam and denial-of-service attacks from automated scripts or bots.

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37 companies are currently using Yandex SmartCaptcha



yandex is a technology co..

8,778 Employees$25K - $47K$69K russian federa..34%Export
Yandex Jobs & Talents Ind..

inspiring recruitment sol..

7 Employees$14K - $32K$65K indonesia52%Export
Korzinka Go

korzinka go is the larges..

28 Employees$49K - $2K$54K uzbekistan23%Export

13 Employees$8K - $3K$65K russian federa..39%Export

3 Employees$9K - $41K$98K russian federa..31%Export
Delivery Club

крупнейший сервис доставк..

219 Employees$25K - $18K$71K russian federa..35%Export
Yandex Ads Israel

boost your sales with a l..

1 Employees$12K - $16K$83K israel63%Export

4 Employees$47K - $45K$90K russian federa..5%Export

30 Employees$9K - $7K$93K russian federa..79%Export
Y Team Serbia

yandex is a technology co..

15 Employees$11K - $27K$76K serbia1%Export
Yandex Games is a catalog..

13 Employees$13K - $46K$90K brazil25%Export
Yandex Cloud

scalable computing power ..

440 Employees$16K - $40K$89K russian federa..26%Export

one-stop-solution for mob..

5 Employees$30K - $12K$78K israel66%Export
Yandex Delivery Serbia

fast and very fast delive..

8 Employees$20K - $11K$78K serbia56%Export
dfgdfgdfgdfgdf gfdhg hdfg..

168 Employees$48K - $17K$70K united states ..81%Export

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Using Yandex SmartCaptcha for finding leads

The collection of companies using Yandex SmartCaptcha provides a diverse pool of potential leads for sales teams. This list is valuable because it identifies organizations that prioritize high-level security and a positive user experience. Thin aggregation enables businesses that sell complementary services, such as additional cyber-security tools or user interface design services, to target their efforts more effectively.

Organizations using Yandex SmartCaptcha are likely aware of the necessity of protecting their online assets, making them receptive to additional security-related solutions. Moreover, their use of an intelligent and user-friendly CAPTCHA system signifies an appreciation for ensuring their users' experience is seamless and intuitive. This propensity may indicate these companies' openness to solutions that further improve user interactions with their platforms.

Providing insight into the specific sector and company size can further refine the value of this list for sales teams, as it enables them to tailor their pitch to each lead appropriately. For instance, companies of different scales or from distinct sectors may have varying needs and pain points which a sales team can address.

In conclusion, the list of companies using Yandex SmartCaptcha serves as a strong basis for sales teams to generate high-quality leads, target their prospecting efforts, and tailor their sales approaches uniquely. This scientifically intelligent compilation of prospects proves vital for organizations seeking to engage with businesses aware of the importance of strong cybersecurity practices and excellent user experiences. It serves as a launchpad towards more precise and successful lead generation, optimization of sales resources, and ultimately, increased conversions.

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