Akamai Bot Manager
Akamai Bot Manager


Akamai Bot Manager is a tool that identifies and manages bot traffic on websites. It detects bots by using both device fingerprinting and bot signatures. Device fingerprinting involves collecting data about the characteristics of a device, such as its IP address, browser type, and operating system, to create a unique identifier for that device. Bot signatures are patterns of behavior or code that are associated with known bots. Once a bot is detected, Akamai Bot Manager can take various actions to manage that traffic, including blocking it, redirecting it to another page, or challenging the user with a CAPTCHA test. This helps to protect the website from unwanted bot activity, such as web scraping or DDoS attacks, which can compromise the security and performance of the site. In summary, Akamai Bot Manager is a tool that uses device fingerprinting and bot signatures to detect and manage bot traffic on websites.

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59,166 Companies using Akamai Bot Manager

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How to use Akamai Bot Manager

Akamai Bot Manager is a tool that can help you protect your website from bad bots that can harm your web infrastructure or steal sensitive information. To use it, you need to integrate the Akamai Bot Manager JavaScript snippet into your website.

Once integrated, Akamai Bot Manager will start analyzing traffic and detecting bots using device fingerprinting and bot signatures. Device fingerprinting involves gathering information about the behavior of a device and using this data to create a unique identifier for each device. Bot signatures are patterns of behavior that are associated with known bots.

Akamai Bot Manager allows you to configure different policies for dealing with bots. For example, you can choose to block bots entirely, allow them but restrict their access to certain parts of your site, or analyze their behavior further to determine whether they are good or bad bots.

In addition to these basic features, Akamai Bot Manager also provides advanced capabilities such as machine learning-based bot detection, threat intelligence integration, and real-time reporting and analytics.

Overall, Akamai Bot Manager is an effective tool for protecting your website from bots. By leveraging device fingerprinting and bot signatures, you can detect and block malicious bots while allowing legitimate traffic to flow through. With its flexible policy configuration options and advanced capabilities, Akamai Bot Manager can help you stay ahead of evolving bot threats and maintain a secure web presence.

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