Companies using MTCaptcha

MTCaptcha is a captcha service that offers privacy and accessibility compliance with GDPR and WCAG standards. It is used to protect websites and online services against automated web attacks such as spam, phishing, and other fraudulent activities. MTCaptcha provides advanced risk analysis algorithms to detect bots and other malicious traffic, ensuring a smooth user experience for genuine users while effectively blocking automated attacks. The service includes various types of captchas, including images, audio, and interactive challenges. The captchas are designed to be easy for humans to solve while being too difficult for bots to bypass. MTCaptcha also offers customization options, allowing website owners to tailor the captchas to their needs. With MTCaptcha, website owners can ensure the privacy and accessibility of their users while effectively preventing automated web attacks, maintaining the integrity of their online platforms.

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2,965 companies are currently using MTCaptcha



delivering the new standa..

1,286 Employees$5K - $27K$89K united states ..84%Export

23 Employees$25K - $32K$71K united states ..75%Export
Sysvine Technologies

technology solutions you ..

166 Employees$37K - $19K$74K united states ..43%Export

sevessence, c'est la prom..

7 Employees$8K - $18K$57K france24%Export
Tecno Spa

design and innovation sin..

134 Employees$9K - $46K$72K italy35%Export
Nederlandse Transplantati..

verbinden voor leven

145 Employees$31K - $47K$87K netherlands59%Export
DCMR Milieudienst Rijnmon..

werken bij dcmr. daar kom..

632 Employees$13K - $19K$61K netherlands82%Export

accelerating the energy t..

4,221 Employees$48K - $18K$94K germany98%Export
Common Sense Media

the leading independent s..

297 Employees$26K - $35K$71K united states ..72%Export
Shipco Transport

your global solution wher..

1,612 Employees$38K - $18K$57K united states ..93%Export
EMMA Experts in Media en ..

think, do, connect.

58 Employees$37K - $27K$59K netherlands55%Export

specialist bij ongewenste..

127 Employees$9K - $18K$63K netherlands26%Export
Bébé 9

born to be happy !

180 Employees$15K - $27K$65K france12%Export


858 Employees$16K - $45K$95K germany43%Export
Creos Luxembourg

gestionnaire de réseaux d..

252 Employees$39K - $41K$72K luxembourg13%Export

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Using MTCaptcha for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing MTCaptcha offers substantial value. Acting as a treasure map, it ushers sales teams directly to businesses that place high importance on digital privacy and accessibility. Being a GDPR and WCAG compliant captcha service, MTCaptcha serves companies that have strong interests in user data privacy and ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities.

Within this list, sales teams can find prospects recognized for their dedication to these principles. If a product or service resonates with privacy, accessibility or general data management, the listed companies have already demonstrated a keen interest in these areas, making them potentially receptive targets.

Furthermore, by pinpointing organizations that prioritize GDPR and WCAG guidelines, the list can serve to calibrate a team's sales approach. By understanding a prospect's commitment to these aspects, salespeople can tailor their pitch to underline how their offering complements this commitment—therefore multiplying their chances of a successful conversion.

In addition, review of such a list introduces sales representatives to varied industries and sectors. Noting the industry spread and diversity can help ascertain patterns of MTCaptcha usage across different markets. It could lead to valuable insights on market trends and emerging areas of opportunity.

Use of the MTCaptcha can also be considered a marker of company size and maturity. Smaller or newer businesses may not yet have the resources or the need for such specialized services whilst more established organizations would opt for a professional third-party service. This can inform the scope and scale of the sales team’s approach.

Hence, the list of companies using MTCaptcha is not just a grouping of company names—it's a rich and intricate source of leads, industry trends, and invaluable insights that can help sales teams tailor their approach, and increase their success rate.

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